Parkland: An Orchestrated Deception?

An objective analysis on the claims regarding "crisis actors"

parkland students demand gun control CNN
Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, appear on CNN. (Screengrab from TV)

UPDATE: The Author of this post, as well as numerous other Conservatives, are being banned from Facebook and Twitter for posting about David Hogg and inquiring about his affiliation with CNN.



As objective journalists, our ethical obligation is to avoid sensationalism, dishonesty, and deception. According to this moral compass, it is absolutely necessary to observe all facts in objectivity, and in honest inquiry, avoiding perceptual biases and filters. To this end, any objective observation of the recent shooting in Parkland is quite an unprecedented, and altogether shocking, occurrence.

What We Know

Noted “witness” David Hogg, who is also, coincidentally, a liberal, anti-Trump political activist, has been consistently at the forefront of the incident. But immediate suspicions were gathered, due to the nature of Hogg’s incoherent interview with a news anchor, in which he repeatedly attempted to revise entire phrases and repeat himself. The emotional connotation appears to convey not distress and pain, but anxiety at incorrectly phrasing certain statements in his explanation of what he claims happened. The video has since been removed from YouTube for “bullying and harassment.”


A screenshot from the now removed video of David Hogg's interview
A screenshot from the now removed video of David Hogg’s interview

Additional research on Hogg reveals that his father, Kevin Hogg, is a retired FBI agent, which is confirmed in Hogg’s interview (you can watch it on our Gab profile, as YouTube has removed the video) as well. In addition to this, Hogg was coincidentally interviewed at the end of last year in California, pertaining to a conflict that he was involved in there.

The demeanor of the victims of the shooting is inconsistent with the alleged incident, in their evidently cheerful attitudes while being interviewed on CBS. Many alleged sources have been leaked, including these images of Parkland survivors appearing on CBS’ This Morning and Hogg wearing a CNN propaganda shirt.

parkland survivors david hogg cnn and cbs
Parkland survivors before a CBS interview (left), and David Hogg, wearing a CNN t-shirt (right)

Setting sensationalized assumptions and conjectures aside, what may be guaranteed is that this event has provided an unprecedented political pressure for the enforcement of totalitarian policies, including gun control. Irrespective of whether this is deemed an orchestrated event or not, the evidence presented is undeniably suspicious, and a reasonable cause for concern.

The repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, a legislative measure to prevent the U.S. government from producing propaganda to influence the American citizenry, is also a major variable that raises suspicion. Only a circumspect American can properly address the preservation of their Constitutional rights and liberties, and that is precisely what is required, in further investigation into this case.


  1. I think the OP and Stu are both right. However, I think Stu is misunderstanding the Op and I believe that she is correct in stating their behavior is strange, given the circumstances. Stu is talking about long term coping mechanism, Op is talking about something entirely different.

  2. Note that I simply offered evidence. The fact that you are so tremendously offended by the fact that I presented information for honest, objective inquiry, without ever stating in definite confidence that this is a guaranteed false flag, demonstrates an insecurity on your behalf, pertaining to this subject. Any competent individual would question the incoherent nature of the events that have taken place within the last several days, rather than adopting an instinctually emotional response and becoming offended.
    Your statement is merely contingent upon ad hominems(personal attacks) in that you make erroneous assumptions(like claiming that I ever presented myself as an expert on this issue) and attempting to invalidate me according to irrelevant physical characteristics, like my age.
    I merely presented myself as being an inquisitive journalist and author, who is demonstrating skepticism at information that does not accurately fit together.
    If this offends you, then you’d be best satisfied on a different site.

    • Your statement, “The demeanor of the victims of the shooting is inconsistent with the alleged incident,” in no way seems “inquisitive.” Seems pretty clear a fact is being stated. Hence, the first response that there is no one way folks respond to the same experience. I hate to break the news to you, honey, but your statement is empirically invalid.

  3. As a licensed clinical soicial worker who has worked with military veterans and survivors of the NYC terrostis attacks, not one person had the same “demeanor” after witnessing the “same” incident. Some folks found Jesus, others found booze, and some found dance. And many others found something in-between. You may want to indulge in the psychology of warfare, grief and trauma before you present yourself as the 20-year old expert of all things. Definitive language is often the twin of naivety.

    • Sure I bet your are a licensed “soicial” worker lol. So you’re gonna attack her intelligence based on her age and the fact she didn’t just say the theory is bunk? She sounds a lot more knowledgeable and objective than you do, buddy

      • Nobody attacked her intelligence, home-team. Just her knowledge. It would be my suggestion that you do a Google search on conflating intelligence and knowledge so that you can understand what it is that you’re saying.



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