Here we have some weapons-grade ignorance, brought to you by the “Victory for Palestine” Facebook page (aka Hamas). I’d call this propaganda if it wasn’t so stupid.

Palestinian propaganda

The image is clearly a comparison of a bullet wound versus a shrapnel wound, dipshit. It even says “shrapnel wound.” Yeah, it isn’t pretty. You know, like the makeshift IEDs you guys plant all along the Gaza Strip for anyone and their kids to step on. But, by all means, educate us on this fully semi-automatic shrapnel gun, that fires metal fragmentation and flechettes, blessed by Rabbis and dipped in pig’s blood under the light of a full moon.

Israeli snipers
Actual picture of .80 caliber shrapnel rounds, fired from the Super Galil rifle. (Credit: Hamas propaganda outlet)

Do you even physics, bro?

The illustration in question is not a “picture,” it is a drawing, and an inaccurate one at that. The long range weapons systems Israeli IDF snipers employ are chambered to fire the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge or .308 (such as the WinMag), and even hollow points (which are banned in war, but can still be used by police) won’t cause the damage illustrated by the entry and exit wounds depicted on the right side of the image. A .50 BMG round fired from the Special Applications Service Rifle (SASR) carried by USMC Scout Snipers would definitely cause a wound cavity like that-the leg would be gone-not 7.62 ball ammo.

We’ll have to get SecDef Chaos on the line and see if he can get DARPA to make the Super Galil a reality.


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