These days a lot of attention is often placed on the types of people teaching our children in Universities all across America. With the Left-leaning political bias to be found among the majority of college-level professors being a fact few bother disputing at this point. What often gets far less attention, however, is that it’s not just our young adults getting their heads filled with the nonsense spouted by these people but our children as well. To see why this is happening, one need look no farther than at the type of people companies like Disney are now hiring to write the entertainment our kids gorge themselves on daily.

One of the many children’s shows Cynthia has worked on

Cynthia Petrovic is a prime example of the cultural rot that’s become so deeply embedded in the entertainment industry. As a lead story artist for Disney Junior, Cynthia and others like her have a large influence on the development and beliefs of America’s youngest citizens. Given the importance of that role, one might like to think a long-standing and all American company like Disney might consider carefully the moral character of the people they put in these roles. That’s why when creators like Cynthia post out disturbing thoughts like the one featured below, it causes many to take notice.

The above statement which calls for a culling of human life on the planet, sadly isn’t even all that rare a sentiment among the modern left anymore. With this kind of anti-human and so-called pro-nature rhetoric having become all too common a line of thinking. With many of these people seemingly believing that a great mass human die off, followed by some type of civilizational backslide towards our early primitive roots would be the ideal path for the future. They hide what amounts to gleefully calling for the mass murder of the species, behind a so-called noble rhetoric of being an environmentalist. At the end of the day however these people remain little more than comic book style villains. With statements like the one above, sounding as if they easily could have come from either of the famous Eco-Terrorist Batman villains, Ra’s Al Ghul or Poison Ivy.

How These Feminist Eco-Warrior Types Likely Imagine Themselves

At the end of the day, “we need less humans” is just a nice and pretty way of saying, we should kill a few billion people. Years ago, that type of statement would not have been acceptable from someone creating entertainment for our kids. Now, however, our entertainment is increasingly created by an extreme Leftist Hollywood, hell-bent on filling us with their propaganda from cradle to grave. It might appear as if I am overreacting on this issue but look at it like this.

A seemingly innocent kids’ cartoon pushes a strong pro-nature conservation message into its young audience. Which on the surface level is by no means a bad thing inherently. What becomes dangerous, however, is that when these kids grow up and head off to college. Their Liberal professors than use this deep seeded environmentalist streak within us, to twist us into a self-hating species. How else to explain the alarming rise in number of people who seemingly would love to ban, for example, all oil production overnight. Despite the fact that would obviously shut modern civilization down as we know it, and lead quickly to the deaths of millions.

What’s needed more than ever, is a balance between mankind’s needs and an environmentally conscious civilization. Couple our species gift for never-ending technological innovation with our natural desire to explore, and there is little reason to believe the galaxy won’t one day be able to support a mankind with not just billions of humans but trillions. Amazingly even the limitless resources of space, haven’t stopped many on the Left from decrying the efforts of forward thinking billionaires like Elon Musk to get us their. As these people truly seem to view their own species as some type of terrible plague that must be kept in check, lest we ruin the entire universe.

A strange picture of Cynthia featured on her personal artist Website

Keeping things to the more present-day situation here on earth though, it remains true that for all our struggles, calling for a mass genocide of the species isn’t the answer. As despite what these people all too often think, our so-called Earth destroying ways are actually already improving year by year. With overall worldwide pollution levels on a steady decline despite the continued rise in population. In fact the whole overpopulation argument is largely nonsense, as the only reason people like Cynthia believe the planet is so lacking in open spaces is that most Democrats insist on living in dirty overcrowded and Ultra-Liberal cities. The reality is that America is quite literally filled with large undeveloped wide open spaces. In fact, our nation above almost any other on Earth has the land and resources for millions more, but it’s these less developed areas that city types all too often insult as “flyover states” while at the same time lamenting the lack of green open spaces around them.

It’s important to note that this Anti-human return to the primitive agenda is hardly the only message being pushed on our kids. As anyone who has ever interacted with a true “Progressive” will likely already know, one cause is never enough for these people. This includes the above mentioned Cynthia, who also just so happens to run a prominent Feminist blog when she is not busy creating shows for our children at places like Disney and Nickelodeon.

Her blog not so subtly titled “Do I Offend?” looks to shame us for our past, by in her own words showing us just “how stupid women’s advertising was….and still is!!!” Unsurprisingly her side project has even been featured by the likes of Huffington Post and other similar Left leaning sites. Which brings us to my final point. By the time Disney of all companies is hiring Fourth-wave Feminists and Eco-extremists to do narrative work on shows for their under eight network. Can we really continue to act so confused as to why so many younger Americans have adopted the views they have?


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