MSNBC Tweets Fake Story About Trump’s “Sh**thole” Remarks

More fake news, or a simple mistake?


On Friday, an MSNBC producer and the official MSNBC Twitter account incorrectly claimed that the U.S. ambassador to Panama was resigning over President Trump’s alleged “sh**thole” comment.


A segment producer for MSNBC, Mary Emily O’Hara, said that Ambassador John Feeley was resigning over allegations that President Trump referred to African nations and Haiti as “sh**thole countries.” An allegation that has been singly confirmed by Senator Durbin, as Senator Rubio and other Republicans present during the Congressional meeting publicly deny the statement was ever made by the President.

O’Hara wrote “Feeley is the first US diplomat to resign over the president’s comments.”

MSNBC also apparently tweeted the false claim, and issued a correction on its account Friday afternoon.


The official Twitter account wrote “We deleted a previous tweet about the US Ambassador to Panama’s resignation that misrepresented the resignation as a result of the president’s recent racially charged comments.” The network has not issued a statement holding O’Hara accountable, and declined to comment when contacted by Columbian Post staff.


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