MSM Won’t Cover DACA Counter Protest

Reported by Warren Bezos, media heir


Hello, Sorosians. This is Warren Bezos, broadcasting heir, with an urgent message from the Billionaires for More Media Mergers.

I’m appalled to report that a rag-tag group of right-wing activists calling themselves “Patriots,” led by a fascist militant named Milo Yiannopoulos, have gathered outside the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein to slander a corporate American hero, Linda Sarsour, whom they call a “liar and a bigot.”

Several dozen self-righteous windbags from across the Midwest and South will carry signs with proclamations such as “End DACA” that reek of Islamophobic propaganda. I mean, just listen to this stuff: They want us to “promote the safety of our own citizens,” “put America first” and respect “legal immigrants,” whatever that means.

Luckily for me, no one’s listening to this fascist claptrap. Nothing is spin-proof when you control a media monopoly. I remember when staying “competitive” meant that my corporations had to pander to the little guy by offering better service, more choices, lower prices. It was just dreadful.

Media conglomerates give the illusion of choice

But we billionaires successfully redefined the term “competition.” Now it’s a euphemism for media mergers gobbling up smaller players, downsizing newsrooms, drowning out independent voices and gouging consumers with skyrocketing cable bills! And we achieved this semantic coup with the help of news properties like Bloomberg and NBC.

Clearly, the regulatory landscape’s been really good to me. And why not? We media billionaires are buy-partisan; we’ve been buying Republicans and Democrats for years. We’ve invested hundreds of millions in elections and lobbying over the past decade. And the legislative market’s been incredibly lucrative. By donating a paltry $5 million to the ‘right people,’ we were rewarded with free digital TV licenses –- public property valued at $70 billion. Quid pro quo, baby -– is what it’s all about.

And the best is yet to come. It’s only a matter of time before my broadcast companies can buy up major newspapers and magazines, and maybe even take over the telephone companies, too. This is all so marvelous! Soon, if you want to read the morning paper, watch the nightly news, listen to Pandora, catch some pay-per-view on cable, or surf the ‘Net, you’ll have to come through me.

all MSM owned by six companies

And they’ll be no coverage of tedious protests on my print, broadcast and online news outlets, that’s for sure -– but there will be ads, so many ads, selling you products targeted to your personal spending habits, which I’ll learn from tracking and trading your consumer information with marketers, who’ll call you on phone lines that I’ll also control…

Wow, I just get so excited when I realize how close I am to reaching my ultimate goal: total media domination. The possibilities for power are endless when you worship capital without being restrained to the limits of pesky regulations. Thankfully, the FTC’s head-honcho shares my faith. So if any of you are tempted to side with those misguided “Patriots,” just remember, the nightly news is brought to you by George Soros.


  1. Haha this had my dying the narration was great. It reminds me of what happened to breitbart news after Andrew passed and the Mercers took over. Honestly if Trump approves DACA I’ll be placing my donations and votes behind someone that follows through on their campaign promises. What use is a border wall if we’re walling the illegals IN?

  2. Kochs too. You think the Kochs paid all that money for Bill Clinton’s 1st presidential election for nothing? Please. They got exactly what they paid for. NAFTA.

    NAFTA was negotiated by the first President Bush’s administration, but a republican could never have passed it. Bush was tired of the presidency and wanted to not run again. But the Kochs convinced him run,but only to throw the election to Clinton. Bush and Clinton go way back, all the way to Mena Arkansas. *great story there, look into it*

    So the Kochs had their democratic President who passed NAFTA for them. NAFTA was designed to displace Mexicans and send the up to the US. First by decimating their agriculture system, next have employers in the US advertise (no papers needed) jobs in the US, down in Mexico.

    NAFTA also gutted the American working class. The Kochs made it impossible for the white working to survive by taking their jobs, relocating some of their companies, and created an economic incentive for employers to use undocumented immigrant labor instead of American labor by making the cost the government fined companies caught using undocumented immigrants next to nothing!!

    The Kochs then successfully shouldered the blame for this on to labor, by saying Mexicans are more productive and harder workers, than Americans. Setting up ways to deliberately stoke tensions between the two labor groups.

    Both the Kochs and Soros are for open borders. But over 20 years later, people still haven’t woken up to the fact the Kochs role in the designing the increase of illegal immigrants to the US



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