The Media Censors the Real Story on Trump’s Tariffs

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The left-leaning media portray President Trump’s ideas on tariffs as a horrible idea.  Naturally, nothing good will ever be said from the Trump-hating left about anything this president does.

For thinking Americans, questioning the narrative and thinking on your own is imperative. Take the comments made by British politician and political analyst Nigel Farage last week. You won’t find any of this on Google, or any of the TV networks or national newspapers.

Farage said in an interview on “Fox and Friends,” that President Donald Trump should be lauded for imposing steel and aluminum tariffs. He called his European Union critics, “absolute gross hypocrisy.”

The former leader of the UK Independent Party and Brexit supporter said the EU has already imposed those and other tariffs on U.S. products. Did the media report this? Of course not, it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Farage’s very words were:

Thank goodness, a world leader is calling out the European Union.  When Trump announced 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum as tariffs, the European Union were the loudest critics in the world, saying how dreadful it was, without telling anybody they already put tariffs on aluminum and on steel and on virtually every American product that comes into Europe.

Did anyone know that fact from any source of liberal media they read or watched? Farage continued, “So they’re guilty, the European Union, of absolute gross hypocrisy. Once again, President Trump is doing what he told the American people he would do during the election campaign. That’s called democracy.”

Farage also claimed the people of the U.K “are absolutely crying out for firm, strong leadership. I think people in my country, across Europe, are getting used to Donald Trump and they realize this is a guy of substance,” he said.

How is it this side of the tariff story doesn’t reach U.S. readers, but is evident throughout the rest of the world? Why is our news filtered by zealots of the left, who want you to only hear their narrative? When did America’s media become our censorship board?

This is the same liberal media that said Ronald Reagan was an idiot, that he wasn’t fit to be U.S. president. They neglected to applaud America winning the Cold War, the Berlin Wall coming down, and tens of millions of people living in freedom, liberty and democracy.

It now continues on the same spectrum as that of the 40th president. When will the American people become enraged with this censorship implemented by so-called progressives? When has their political correctness become ours? These aren’t “journalists,” but rather teleprompter-reading commentators, told what to say by their masters upstairs.


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