Julian Assange Reappears on Twitter


Julian Assange’s Twitter account was briefly deactivated last night, prompting millions of users to assume he had become the newest target of censorship on the platform. As #JulianAssange became a trending term, the U.S. Navy tweeted “Julian Assange,” leading to a flurry of conspiracy theories involving the Navy with Assange’s disappearance.

US Navy Julian Assange

The Navy’s Twitter team released a statement today that an “inadvertent keystroke” by a member of their Digital Media Engagement Team had led to the posting of the cryptic tweet. That’s an awful lot of letters for a single keystroke, if you ask me.

Assange’s Twitter account reappeared today, although his following had been severely gutted. Thousands of users reported having to refollow his account, an issue Twitter’s staff is strangely silent on.

Julian Assange Loses Followers on twitter



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