Jared Taylor & American Renaissance Sue Twitter, Citing Supreme Court Ruling

1980 ruling may force Twitter to respect First Amendment

California Supreme Court American Renaissance
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The great Twitter purge has been in full swing since November of last year. It started with stripping the verification badges from prominent figures of the right, but then evolved into banning accounts. This has been an overwhelmingly attack on the right.

Twitter is not the only social media platform carrying out these attacks. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have banned accounts as well. I personally have been locked out of my Twitter account multiple times. The message tells me that I have violated Twitter’s guidelines, and it prompts me to “verify” my mobile number.

The globalists and cultural Marxists are working together as a collective, to effectively shut down any persons whom they disagree with. I guess they have created “thought crime,” and they are swiftly taking action against those perceived to have committed it.


social media censorship

Jared Taylor’s and American Renaissance’s accounts were banned indefinitely. Taylor reached out to Twitter for an explanation on why their accounts had been banned. Twitter’s response was that Jared Taylor and AmRen were “associated with a violent organization within the Alt-Right.” They did not specify which organization.

Anybody who is familiar with Taylor’s work knows that he is one of the most eloquent individuals within the movement. AmRen has been working for several decades, providing us with stats on race in America. Of course, Twitter and the cultural Marxists think that Taylor is insensitive, but that is not a valid reason to permanently ban someone’s social media account.

Taylor and AmRen are fighting back. He announced on Monday that he and AmRen have filed a lawsuit against Twitter for violating both their Constitutional rights and California law. Many leftists have proclaimed that Twitter is a private company, and in that case they can censor and ban whomever they so choose.

They apparently aren’t familiar with Pruneyard Shopping Center V. Robins. In 1980, a group of students set up a table on the property of the Pruneyard Shopping Center. A security guard approached them, and informed the students that they would have to leave, because they were violating the shopping center’s rules and regulations.

pruneyard v robins case


The mall had a rule that “no political materials shall be exchanged on their property.” The organization of whom the students belonged filed a civil suit against the shopping center. The California Supreme Court heard the case in 1980, and it was decided just a few months later.

The Court decided that, although the shopping center was a privately-owned company, it was providing a “public forum.” The definition of a public form is, “open to all expression that is protected under the First Amendment. Streets, parks, and sidewalks are considered open to public discourse by tradition and are designated as traditional public forums.”

So, although Twitter is a privately-owned company, it is providing an “open forum” to the public, and by California law (to which the company is subject), it has to uphold the First Amendment for all account holders. It does not matter whether Twitter agrees with the content or not. They do not have the right to ban users based on the users’ opinions, or at least according to the Supreme Court ruling in 1980.

Jared Taylor

If Taylor and AmRen win this case, it could change everything for not only them, but for all of us. This could potentially be revolutionary. Being censored on a social media platform should be the least of our worries.

If Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube truly believe in creating a space to have open and civil discourse, than they should not be working to silence any user’s free speech. I hope that Jared Taylor and American Renaissance wins this lawsuit. This will be a game changer for the greater Alt-Right, Alt-Lite and the identitarian movement as a whole.


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