Since President Trump earned the republican nomination for presidential candidate in 2016, he has been the target of a witch hunt brought to you by the Democratic Party, including the DNC, and most of mainstream media.

It began with claims of Russian collusion in order to win, which we all know is false, but the aforementioned actors keep pandering this story to those who want to believe it and do not take the time to educate themselves on the subject. For almost two years, those whom oppose president Trump and try to push this narrative, including the Obama administration, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Tom Perez, left-leaning donors like George Soros and media outlets like CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, have found no evidence of such collusion, but continue to push the narrative. Again, the only collusion has been this same group of people, which wanted Hillary Clinton to win and thought Hillary Clinton would win, including FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton herself. They peddle story after story to shine a negative light on President Trump, his administration and his family but fail to cover any good or achievements that he has done and that his administration is doing; they fail to cover the real news: Trump’s unbelievable first year as President.

In this era of tabloid journalism, where stories can be made up, consumers purchase magazine after magazine, or sit in front of Anderson Cooper after Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow, and consume the stories as if they were real. If everyone stopped watching and stopped buying, there would be no more of these programs or magazines. If everyone stopped watching CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, we would not have to hear their lies or misleading narratives anymore.

The reality of the situation is that the Democratic machine is so big; it believes it to be unstoppable, unbeatable. Sure we can cover up Benghazi- we do not have to air the story. Just the interviews with Susan Rice, Secretary of State Clinton, and then President Obama which blame the attack on a video. We can get people to believe it because they want to keep their money, phones and health care every month. They will not see the truth because they do not want to see the truth. Fast and Furious. We don’t have to cover that story. People don’t want to know about it– and we don’t want people to know about it. But let’s focus on the less than 1% police brutality stories. Of course we can give Clinton the debate questions before hand. What is wrong with that? And let’s tell everyone she is winning in the polls and Donald Trump has no chance of winning. While we are at it, let’s allow prisoners and illegal immigrants to vote– as long as we think they will vote for the Democratic candidates.

But Trump won. Trump defeated it all.
And these same people are enraged.
Prior to Trump even being sworn in they unleashed impeachment discussion. For what?! Obama’s legacy is mistakes, lies, and bad judgment. A socialist agenda being pushed on America including reverse class and other discriminations, with a complicit media to these abominations. Clinton still cannot get over her loss. Like Clinton and Obama, Susan Rice, and Loretta Lynch among others with ties to Obama and Clinton, Comey pretends he did nothing wrong. They are all posturing to cover their backsides.

Pelosi and Schumer lead stonewalling, criticism, and obstruct and create conflict in every good proposal, bill, and policy/agenda that comes from the thoughtful Trump administration and the Republican congress, both set on solving problems which need to be solved.

Obama and Clinton-loving Comey and his publishers write his “poor me/I’m the best” fiction novel, full of bizarre thoughts, tales, and more put downs of President Trump. But America is now finally starting to see the real Jim Comey.

Why? Why is all of this going on? More than half of America views Trump as the greatest President in our life time, as one of the greatest presidents of all time. Many average American citizens state that he has accomplished more in one year than Obama did in eight. The collective DNC, which includes all the Democrats and mainstream media players, will not accept the reality of this situation and they refuse to play fair.
This is the real strategy on the left. They will stop at nothing to suppress any republican candidate from even considering running for the office of the Presidency based on what they are doing to President Trump, his administration and his family.

Trump witch hunt

They can cover up that Obama hung with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and all the Black Panther-descendant crazies, like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Keith Ellison, Eric Holder, and others he has been associated and photographed with. They can cover up that our team is pushing indoctrination of democratic and socialist beliefs in the young minds of our students, at the elementary, middle schools, high school and college levels. They can engage in but not report on voter fraud, including having people vote more than once, having dead people vote, pushing for prisoners to vote and allowing illegal aliens to vote, so they can for sure win and if they do not, claim that their candidate won the popular vote.

They do not want another Republican president EVER again.

So, they are hitting President Trump, his family, and his administration with everything they have to try to slander his name, discredit all his work, and deter ANYONE with conservative views, or a Republican, from even considering running for office. This is the reality, folks. They can get away with it because their membership is so great and they all collude with each other, covering up everyone’s wrongs and pushing their false narratives. People need to stop listening to and buying this evil they are peddling.

Each of us should stand up to this nonsense, these wrongs and corruption, and say ENOUGH. Stop watching CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, stop reading the New York Times the Washington Post, Clinton and Comey’s books, Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ana Navarro, Lawrence O’Donnell, “The View” women…they are all liars upset that their candidate did not win. They spew hate and NOT the news stories of the day.

Step back from the lies, look from a longer lens, and realize what is going on. President Trump has done nothing but good since assuming office on January 20, 2017. He has never been a politician before, but has taken his business acumen to the Oval Office of our beautiful country and he is turning the ship around. Under Obama’s leadership at the helm, we hit iceberg after iceberg, none of which was reported accurately, with the exception of some Fox News shows. He read crafted speech after crafted speech, eloquently, yes, but with the heart of a true American President? The media was complicit with Obama’s growing entitlements, growing mountain of debt, poor decisions, socialist agenda and reverse racism being shoved down the throats of the American people. They said the economy was good, unemployment was coming down and Obama and his cronies saved the auto industry. However, these things were happening despite his involvement and his far left policies of more new taxes, more regulations and more road blocks, i.e. the over-regulated EPA.

No one saw what was coming. No one saw the wave of ‘no more’ and ‘this is not right’ that was in the mind and hearts of the good American people– just like then-citizen Donald J. Trump. We had been living it for over eight years, even though the news media was not reporting on it. Unlike other billionaires and other multi-millionaires, whom are either born rich or are self- made, Trump did not just coast in the comfort and enjoyment of his wonderful life. He stepped outside of this wonderland only known to few privileged Americans to try to make a difference, to give back and to help those whom are less fortunate than he and his family are. He connected with tens of millions of Americans young and old because we knew what he was talking about! He also connected with minorities; African- Americans are seeing that the left has been using them for their votes…and then they forget about them for another four years.

Trump won in a big win. But what do the media report? By and large, they report on their “fact” that Hillary won the popular vote. Do they report on voter fraud– which we all know exists within the Democratic Party? Nope. Without voter fraud, Trump would have won the popular vote. But voter fraud exists, just like media bias exists. And just like corruption exists at governmental levels.
-And bad interests and bad players engage in witch hunts.

The left’s strategy is not just Trump. It is the future. This is to put every Republican running for Presidency on notice—you and your family will be dragged through the mud.

This is why Republicans, and not just Trump, have to hit back and hit back hard.
The no-good that is brought to you by the Democratic Party, the DNC, the main stream media in the form of lies, false stories, slander and cover ups is an attempt to squash the Republican Party and republican candidates for years and decades to come. Who in their right mind would want to be dragged through the mud day after day? -Their families included in the attempt at targeted torture, salacious story angles, and put downs.

But the reality of the situation after eight years of Obama was that America was a sinking ship and we needed a hero.
-And Trump won.
The Democrats are doing everything they can to take him down.

And once Trump’s eight years are over, they will attempt the same things with a new Republican candidate for president. Wake up, everybody. See what is being done. Say, “Enough” to their lies and crafted stories.

Turn the channel on your TV set, cancel your left-leaning newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and vote Republican. Republicans believe in less government. The Democrats only want to control government in order to control your lives and to remain in power. It’s all about controlling the government, the narratives, the stories, and the mindset. Tired of the witch hunts? Stop giving these people leaning further and further to the left control.

If they don’t like America, our Constitution, or American values, they can leave. We all need to stand up and say no more. For the one thing that scares the Democrats the most is that a non-politician can not only win, but do a great job for the country. They are scared because they believe that if someone does not come from the political side, they cannot control them –or the Presidency. Too many someones not in the club would be the end of the Dems. So it’s an all-out war.


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