Headlines You Won’t See Anywhere Else

The news that gets reported least, matters most


Here are some headlines you won’t read in any newspaper (except ours):

  • Dow Jones hits 87 record closes since President Trump’s election
  • Texas shooting hero was NRA instructor, used AR-15 to save lives
  • Dow Jones reaches seven 1,000 point milestones in one year for first time ever
  • New home sales highest in a decade
  • US Economy gains over $6 Trillion in capital
  • US unemployment rate lowest in 17 years

You also didn’t hear much from the Mainstream Media about the Federal corruption trial of Democrat Bob Menendez, a sitting U.S. Senator. According to the Media Research Center, there was literally zero reporting on any broadcast network since the start of the trial, including the evening shows on CNN, CBS, ABC and even Faux, excuse me, FOX News.

Senator Bob Menendez Corruption Trial

Menendez has been charged with taking tens of thousands of dollars in bribes, in exchange for political favors. The only major news site to even briefly mention the case during the 65 days of the trial, incorrectly labeled Menendez a Republican. NBC didn’t bother to issue a correction, until they were publicly called out on Twitter.

NBC new sounds labels Democrat a republican

Good news for Conservatives or Republicans gets little, if any, mention. When it actually does happen, it’s always coupled with snarky comments that serve to undermine the message. The press uses headlines like this when reporting what would otherwise be good news:

  • Dow Jones Hits All-Time High, Poor and Middle Class Benefit the Least
  • Not One but TWO AR-15’s Used in Texas Shooting

If Trump walked on water, the Washington Post would report that he can’t swim. I regularly challenge young Conservatives and Libertarians to attend events like the NRA Annual Meeting, CPAC, or even a TPUSA campus meeting and then watch how the event is reported, or should I say not reported, on the news. Watch what doesn’t get reported – that’s the biggest deception.



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