Google Removes Guns From Shopping Search Results-Even Movies & Video Games

Tech giant purges water guns, Guns and Roses, etc. from shopping section


*Update: After backlash from advertisers, Google has begun modifying their filters. Searches for “guns” now return some results for toy guns and wallpapers. “AR-15” and many other terms still return no results.


Google has removed all search results with variations of the word “gun” from their shopping category. Searches for a wide range of products like “AR-15”, “revolver,” “gun,” “pistol,” etc. will return zero results in Google’s shopping section.

While Google has filtered firearms from their shopping results to some degree for several years, never before has the search engine filtered out words like “AR-15” entirely. This level of triggered can only be explained by Google’s public support of everyone’s favorite CNN puppet, David Hogg.

This has had some unintended side effects, however. The word filtering algorithm Google implemented within the last few days has also filtered out toy guns, water guns, “Guns and Roses,” The Naked Gun and countless other movies, video games and toys with some variation of “gun” in their title or description. Even our favorite porn has been unjustly banished to the digital abyss.

Google removes guns from search results

In a laughable irony, searches for products including firearms parts, flamethrowers, tear gas grenades, explosive materials and ammo still return results.

Google removed gun sales from shopping results

Leave it to Google to overreact and…dare I say it? Shoot themselves in the foot. Advertisers and retailers of many products that have been unwittingly removed from Google’s results are not happy, and the mishap is costing the search giant millions of dollars. Requests for comment from Google have not been replied to, probably because they know we’re making memes about them. In the meantime, we’ll be using DuckDuckGo’s search engine to look up some gunporn and shop for high capacity magazines.

Everytime David Hogg tweets, an NRA membership gets its wings. –Danny Wolf


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