Dad Homeschools Kids, Arms Them With Guns and Wisdom

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6-year-old Derrica Grace can disassemble, reassemble and fire an Uzi machine pistol, then sit down and discuss the nuances of cryptocurrenices, with a level of maturity and knowledge well beyond her years.

“If somebody was trying to kill me or if somebody is trying to kill my father, or my mom, or my sisters, anybody that’s my family members, [I would] shoot them. If somebody broke into my house I’d shoot them,” Derrica stated.

Young Derrica is an avid student of Constitutional law, civil liberties and the ongoing development of Bitcoin.

Dad arms kids with guns and wisdom
Derrick Grace II and his daughter, Derrica, pose for a photo. (The Mirror)

Grace’s father, Derrick Grace II, is an entrepreneur, published author and participates in youth mentorship programs in his native Tampa, Florida. Derrick removed his daughter and his older son, Derrick, from public school, opting to homeschool the children himself.

When The Mirror asked the reason behind his decision to homeschool his children, Derrick said, “I’m not a huge fan of the school system state-wide, or on a national level. I think they do a whole lot to dilute the mental progression of our children. So I think it’s absolutely a necessity that we take it into our hands.” On homeschooling, he added, “It’s built on four elements: self-love, self-education, self-awareness, and self-reliance. I think those are key to live a mentally free and fruitful life.”


  1. Other than her flagging her dad with the muzzle in the picture this article makes me have faith in the American spirit. Course it’s a photo op so I’ll assume she knows weapons safety and leave on a positive note.



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