Critical Mass Manipulation: An American Casualty


Andrew McCabe lied four times under oath and now the Inspector General has submitted his recommendation to congress for criminal prosecution. Naturally, the only real question that remains is who will he “betray” first…Rosenstein, Comey or even the feckless Robert Mueller himself? After all, if Mr. McCabe truly has nothing to hide, why lie in the first place; let alone three more punishable instances? Unless Jeff Sessions and Congressional representatives take immediate action against this ongoing coup d’etat – a coordinated plot to invalidate an election result, stonewall common sense reforms and frame a sitting President – our government will have successfully and unapologetically supplanted the rule of law.

Since the right to attorney-client privilege is no longer a key cog of due process, if you’re Donald Trump that is, why not also pardon perjury, absolve abuse of power, congratulate perjury and abolish the very tangible concept of treason itself? Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe and the DNC were not only active parties to this entire Machiavellian charade, this elaborate and unpresidented ruse to sabatage an incoming administration in hopes of preserving thier progressive agenda, they continue to labor under the delusion their leading a populist uprising against federal corruption and foriegn interference.

If you believe in the adage “the best defense is the a good offense” that strategy is exponentially more formidable in the political arena where molded public perception can defeat the most sound logic or rudimentary fact. While these tried and true tactics of infamous communist regimes and facist dictators are hardly nascent activities, they are alarming indicators that America – a Constitutional Republic predicated upon limited government, Checks and Balances, and a vigilant, free press – is teetering on the precipice of becoming a propaganda state; one in which justice equality and transparency are somehow subjective and partisan constructs because the people are too complicit and apathetic to care otherwise.

The loudest and most disruptive obstacles to effective, disruptive government typically reside in those “resisting” civil servants whose ideology, political beliefs, cannot withstand honest scrutiny and impartial debate. Thus, only through an endless array of orchestrated distractions and salacious accusations are the most culpable, clearly contemptable, able to evade accountability. The fact that our duly elected President is being investigated for an imaginary crime a number of his accusers actually commited – admittedly rigging the DNC primary, soliciting Russian financing for a future presidential campaign, conspiring government agencies falsifying evidence to secure surveillance warrants, and election tampering by inviting a foriegn body of illegal votes – is undeniable proof the progressive establishment’s war on reality is reaching a point of critical mass.

If my observations are nothing more than gross exaggeration, in what other era would our soverign and internationally recognized borders be deemed racist, a peaceful disarmament of a North Korean tyrant considered dangerous in the wake of Democrats negotiating a nuclear Iran, our own National Anthem derided as “divisive” and preempted on national TV, the NRA absurdly slandered as a terrorist organization when Barack Obama protected/aided Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, universal tax cuts condemned as capitalist “greed” despite billions of tax payer dollars being spent on non-citizens, socialist entitlements and sworn enemies and a resurgent economy reported as a “broken promise” despite boasting the fewest jobless claims in 45 years, the steepest manufacturing gains in over 20 years and the lowest black/Hispanic unemployment in our nations history?

When every aspect of current events must be distorted to demonize the President, to misinform the masses to the point of welcoming open hostility solely to win an election, the very basis of a free thinking, democratic society becomes the conquered ruins of a dystopian nightmare. To conquer a country’s territory, you must first raise a standing army. To silence a country’s founding history, you must first erase all remnants of its existence, criminalize the past and discredit any medium speaking on its behalf. The faintest flicker, of an ideal, however, will always remain.

Pawns willing to sacrifice themselves for the Marxist wet dream of the “greater good” – the mere illusion of fighting injustice by empowering the unjust aspirations of anti-American globalists by consuming wealth and consolidating power – are far easier to control than a lone voice willing to brave scorn and bodily harm to defend a forsaken Declaration of Independence. Whereas ignorance will enslave itself in the face of fear, pervasive propaganda, mankind’s innate desire to be free from centralized coercion, to gather strength from a higher calling and wisdom from our God-given senses, rarely makes such concessions. America, it seems, is losing its ability to delineate between “the consent of the governed” from the “carnage of the corrupt”. A nation of laws is only as legitamate as the people’s willingness to ensure principle over party, duty over duplicity. Without equal deference for the necessity of justice, the functional integrity of our public institutions, truth is the unreported hostage of unmistakable intent: America is under attack and we’re harboring the growing list of paid accomplices.



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