The Comey memos, provided to Congress Thursday, have been declassified leaked. While some material has been redacted, the documents can be viewed in full here.

They substantiate most of what we already knew, that Comey was a leaker, that there is no real evidence Trump committed any transgressions with Russian hookers, and that Comey was deadset on prosecuting Michael Flynn.

Comey memos released

Comey first brought up the golden shower controversy alone in the Oval Office with Trump, Comey said he wanted to tell the president about reports written by a redacted name, obtained by CNN, and how he didn’t want Trump to get “caught cold” by the details. By the way, if you expected to get through this entire article without a single lame golden shower joke, urine for a surprise.

“The Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow (a gold standard hotel) from about 2013,” he recalled in the memo. Comey then said Trump interjected that “there were no prostitutes, there were never prostitutes,” adding that the president noted he was “the kind of guy who didn’t need to ‘go there.’” Essentially, Comey’s “evidence” amounted to rumors of a tape from an anonymous “Russian” source, and nothing more.

Comey Memos leaked
Obama looking for evidence against Trump (2017, colorized)

According to the memo, Trump was surprised that the media had the reports, and “he couldn’t believe they hadn’t gone with it,” to which Comey replied that they “would get killed for reporting straight up from the source reports.” Yellow journalism at its finest, don’t get the facts, just go with something that will make a splash and get a flood of clicks.

A rather amusing piece is found on page 4, where Comey recounts a conversation he had with President Trump over dinner in the Green Room, regarding FBI agent Andrew McCabe:

At this point he asked me (and asked again later) whether ‘your guy McCabe’ has a problem with me, explaining that ‘I was pretty rough on him and his wife during the campaign.’ I explained that Andy was a true professional and had no problem at all. I then explained what FBI people were like, that whatever there [sic] personal views, they strip them when they step into their bureau roles.

Self-proclaimed rainman and professional leaker James Comey goes on to note President Trump’s ongoing suspicions that McCabe was leaking classified information to the press, an allegation that Comey vehemently denied (the irony is as thick as the political divide) repeatedly on several occasions where he met with the President. Each time Comey showered the President with golden platitudes about McCabe. Trump repeatedly affirms that he brought up the funds ($1 million) McCabe and his wife had received from the Clintons during his 2016 campaign against Hillary, which Comey says in no way effects McCabe’s bipartisan role as an FBI agent. It seems the Clintons believe in trickle down economics as well.

Throughout the memos, a trend appears, where Trump and the White House staff seem convinced that McCabe and other FBI staff are leaking information about Flynn and Trump to the press, and Comey repeatedly scoffs at this notion and defends the professionalism and credibility of McCabe and the bureau, while diverting the blame to White House staff.

Comey memo leaked
MI6 briefing Agent Steele

The Justice Department released the redacted version of the Comey memos on Thursday after three Republican House chairmen – Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy and Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes -demanded last week they be provided to Congress. The memos were promptly leaked to CNN, with reporters live-streaming a steady flow of updates.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a response Monday that some lawmakers had already been given access last year. But after Goodlatte threatened to issue a subpoena, the wet blankets at the DOJ relented, citing “unusual events occurring since the previous limited disclosure,” a statement saturated with vaguery and sprinkled with truth.

The unredacted, classified version of the memos will be made available to Congress to view in a secure setting on Friday, DOJ said. Way to piss in the wind, Comey.

Comey Memos leaked to cnn



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