It is important for clear-thinking Americans to understand what function CNN plays in their lives if they choose to turn it on. CNN is a 24-hour cable news organization that exists specifically to produce revenue.

That is important to remember as they constantly wish to portray themselves as a public service that is here specifically to educate the American people. They are far from that mission.

The cable network has big name stars, sensational, tabloid-like headiness, and a monopoly on airport lounges around the world. They are essentially a conflict-driven platform that is as far from hard news as you can get.

Take, for instance, their coverage of sex star/professional prostitute Stormy Daniels. Her presence on CNN has been unending for weeks. The former adult actress/expensive call girl has been making wild claims that she and Donald Trump slept together back around a dozen years ago. She was paid $130,000 and slapped with a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep the story quiet.

This is not something out of the ordinary and not done while president, unlike his predecessor Bill Clinton. But from Stormy’s wild accusations, that grow with each TV interview, she has captivated the Trump-haters endlessly. Even the once-vaulted CBS show “60 Minutes” has lowered its standards just to get their shots in on their hated leader.

Stormy Daniels cnn
Credit: 60 Minutes/YouTube

The former sex worker makes a killing, and CNN does too. Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, is riding high. She said as much to CNN a week ago after a “performance” at the Solid Gold gentleman’s club in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The elated Daniels raved, “Now, yes, I’m more in demand. Show me one person who’s going to say no.”

No, indeed. No one knows better than the CNN producers that this woman has been in the adult entertainment business since she was 17-years-old. According to her website, she started out as a dancer in Louisiana before moving to Los Angeles to make porn films.

But the real question is, do Americans really care about this? Is anyone surprised that Trump has had many dubious female companions? Hasn’t all this been covered long beforfe he was elected president?

So why is this news? It is contrived by CNN to hopefully damage the president. It is just a small cog in the bigger wheel that fuels this sort of garbage every day to the American consumer. The nation has already seen the Access Hollywood tape. They have witnessed three decades of Donald Trump’s daily behavior.

Are the American people so dumb as CNN thinks that they wait with bated breath to see if Robert Mueller will find Stormy a serious threat to the US? The answer to that question is an emphatic “Hell no.”

And yet after weeks and weeks of this constant coverage, Donald Trump’s job approval rating jumped in the latest Quinnipiac poll. A mere 23 percent of Americans believe the alleged affair is an important issue. Even 51 percent of Democrats agree it is not an important issue, along with 79 percent of Independents.

But CNN persists in calling this “news,” and subjecting their viewers to it 24/7. Did this not begin to infuriate Americans who have tired of being taken for suckers at the mercy of liberal CNN and their perception of your intellect?

By a margin of 59 – 24 percent, people also believe Trump knew about the $130,000 payoff to silence Daniels. But by a margin of 59-38 percent, they say Trump’s possible knowledge of the payoff is not an important issue.

Yet CNN is a nonstop rollercoaster for the ever-radical left. Their ratings are minuscule in comparison of their rival Fox, but instead of providing the straight facts of a story, they choose to provide tabloid coverage suited to their leftist needs.

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Dwight L. Schwab, Jr. is an award-winning national political and foreign affairs columnist and published author. His long-running articles include many years at and currently at and Dwight is an author of two highly acclaimed books, "Redistribution of Common Sense - Selected Commentaries on the Obama Administration 2009-2014" and "The Game Changer - America's Most Stunning Election in History." Dwight has spent the better part of a decade prodding and poking the politically correct. Their usually humorless and prepared diatribes of anything that is not "tolerant" to them is open season for this conservative writer.


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