Bernie Sanders Admonishes Jake Tapper Over CNN’s Obsession With Stormy Daniels

Bernie Sanders Lectures Jake Tapper over Trump Stormy Daniels
Credit: Photo by Steve Rogers Photography/Getty Images for SXSW

CBS plans to run an interview this Sunday with Stormy Daniels, the so-called stripper who had an affair with Donald Trump ten-years ago.  That’s right, to boost the ratings of their “60 Minutes” weekly magazine, this will be their lead story.

Most Americans could care less what Trump did a decade before. But the Trump-hating media, which definitely includes the CBS network, will stop at nothing to keep the public light shining on their sworn enemy. He may not be yours, but they don’t care.

The story will run over and over again, until the public is desensitized. Yes, Stormy Daniels is a pornographic actress, disguised as a “stripper.” Her real name is Stephanie Clifford, and she is claiming that she had an affair with Trump years ago. She supposedly was then paid $130k to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This has utterly ignited the media. The story with any other name attached other than Trump would have been discarded long ago.

But it is now the media’s latest 24/7 CNN headline. It has gotten to be so redundant that even socialist Bernie Sanders has had enough. He made that abundantly clear on a recent CNN (naturally) interview with one-sided Jake Tapper, a so-called “journalist.”

Tapper: “Let me bring something up.”

Sanders: “Stormy Daniels?”

That left Tapper obviously embarrassed and red-faced. He tried to compose himself as the phony reporter he claims to be and retorted, “You keep bringing her name up.”

Sanders: “Not as much as CNN.”

Of course that is not the case, right, biased Jake? Sanders then went on to say that the media is getting ridiculous. Really Bernie, you think so too?


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Sanders said, “In this country, we have a lot of people who are in pain; single mothers, people who can’t afford college, they want to see something that reflects their reality.” Tapper was like a school boy at the teacher’s knee.

Bernie continued his lecture: “Our job is to talk to people respectfully. Not most Trump supporters are racist, sexist or xenophobes. They are hurting and want change, change to the middle class and not the one percent. Everyone in this room has to participate.”

Americans should realize that when it comes down to a liberal like Sanders lecturing a media ally like CNN, it is getting bad. Bernie made some good points. But does anyone think for a minute CNN will consider his comments? For that matter, CBS?



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