Anonymous: Friend or Foe?

A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy


As the Qanon phenomena gains popularity among Conservatives and Libertarians, many Rightwing and centrist social media accounts have begun to support the hacktivist group known as Anonymous.

In response, Anonymous has embraced the Qanon persona, and has begun uploading videos to recruit both independents and the right into its army of hackers and political activists.

But is Anonymous our friend? To answer that, let’s take a look at the company they keep…

Occupy Wall Street

In 2012, Anonymous was instrumental in popularizing the Occupy Movement, distributing propaganda videos, implementing DDOS attacks on Bank of America and “doxxing” prominent business leaders.

P.L.O. & Hamas

After the hive mind that is Anon decided the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem belonged to the Palestinians, they orchestrated Op Israel, a series of attacks on Israeli gov’t websites. Since then, Anonymous has courted the terror organizations known as P.L.O. and Hamas, labeling them “activists.”

Anonymous Op Israel

Black Lives Matter

Anonymous has made no secret of their relationship with BLM. Videos released on Anon’s YouTube channel have repeatedly condemned law enforcement, while praising BLM as “comrades in arms.”


While the group originally hails back to 1933 Nazi Germany, the modern incarnation was an Anonymous-led initiative to replace the failed Occupy Movement with a more aggressive method of attacking anyone Anon deemed as threats, namely, capitalism and conservatives.

Antifa’s implementation of concealing their faces can be attributed to several Occupy-era Anonymous factions who have largely formed what is now Antifa. You may remember them as the masked “protesters,” who stole ATMs and looted stores during Occupy protests. Apparently, theft is activism if you denounce capitalism while stealing money.

Whether you believe the “breadcrumbs” being posted on 8chan or not, one thing is clear: Anonymous is no friend of Patriots.


  1. so anonymous was started on 4chan? i follow Q but i dont know much about 4chan and 8chan. i dont think q is trump…maybe roger stone or somebody in the know.

  2. Yah anon have always been extreme left and the fact Q was created on 4chan doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. I can’t believe how many gullible conservatives take that Q bs as anything but entertainment. Guess there are idiots on both ends of the political spectrum.

  3. Fuck anonymous. Everyone of their sympathizers keeps saying “not all Anons are Commies, some just want to expose corruption.” Yeah and not every democrat wants to breed out the white race. Not every Antifa thug physically assaults their opposition. Not every terrorist uses bombs and guns as their go to weapons of choice. A duck is still a duck.



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