Allison Mack’s Alleged Sex Cult Makes Scientology Look Like the Mickey Mouse Club


It seems as though we are living in an era where everyone wants you to join their cult, whether it be cross-fit, veganism, yoga, social justice, or vagina-branding self “help” groups. Leave your capacity for independent thought at the door, and embrace the group-think of a bunch of crazy assholes who do things that would make L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones look at each other and say, “Wow.  That’s fucked up.”

Last week, NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico, extradited to the United States and charged with sex trafficking, but this is just the tip of the insanity iceberg.  Court documents reveal a sordid story of sex slaves, starvation diets, beatings, forced labor, and branding initials into the pubic regions of young women with a cauterizing pen.

NXIVM cult branded members

Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on the television show Smallville, is widely rumored to be listed as “Co-Conspirator #1” in the criminal complaint, alleged to be “second in command” of the cult according to witnesses, and is reportedly responsible for branding a bizarre sigil made from a combination of her initials into dozens of young women, as well as supplying Raniere with a plethora of barely legal fucktoys.  NXIVM appeared to recruit high-profile television actresses, in order to provide their organization with an air of legitimacy, and lure unsuspecting half-wits into the fold.

Some of these members reportedly included Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-O), and Nicky Clyne (Battlestar Galactica). Kreuk recently took to her instagram page to issue a rather weak-sounding, PR-laden denial, after being inundated with negative press regarding her alleged involvement with NXVIM. Nicky Clyne is ostensibly a currently active member of NXIVM’s inner circle, and is alleged to be married to Allison Mack, while Grace Park appears to have largely distanced herself from NXIVM, and had her involvement with the pussy-branders scrubbed from the internet.

Screenshot of a now memory-holed recruitment video with Grace Park and Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack is believed to be preparing for her own arrest in connection with NXIVM, and former members have alleged that she was a key player in the manipulative cult.  NXIVM slaves were not only branded with Mack and Raniere’s initials and placed on 500 – 800 calorie diets, but were also forced to hand over “collateral” in the form of naked pictures, recorded sex acts, and videotaped confessions on a monthly basis, in order to ensure their ongoing obedience and loyalty to the cult.

“Holy SHIT, Chloe. Not even I could do something this evil.”

This collateral was uploaded to Mack’s Dropbox account regularly by cult members, many of whom were routinely threatened with the public release of this highly damaging information if they ever dared to turn against Keith Raniere.

According to the criminal complaint, prospective NXIVM slaves were love-bombed, brainwashed, and manipulated into becoming members of Raniere’s personal harem. The mind-fucking experienced by cult members was so thorough that not even the smell of burning flesh during hours-long, naked pussy-branding sessions would serve as a deterrent to their continued loyalty and subservience.

The families of NXIVM members, which included former television star Catherine Oxenberg, were virtually powerless in their attempts to deprogram their loved ones.  Although it’s easy to feel a sense of empathy for both the families and the cult members themselves, it’s even easier to wonder how anyone who isn’t a complete moron could fall prey to the nonsensical bullshit word salad spouted by Keith Raniere:

What’s even more disturbing about this situation is the radio silence from feminists and social justice warriors. At the height of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns, there hasn’t been a single word uttered by the pink-haired freaks who claim to be the defenders of all women.


The NXIVM story has just entered Act 3, and the general public has an amazing shitshow of a court case to look forward to, but so far it’s an excellent illustration of just how desperately stupid people strive to belong to some kind of group identity. Their desire to belong to something is so intense that, during their quests to become “authentic humans,” they’ll allow themselves to be transformed into flesh robots with their masters’ initials burnt into their genitals. No matter how this story ends, it’s pretty obvious that Superman won’t be mounting any rescue missions this time. Tom Welling is most likely muttering “yeah, fuck that,” under his breath as we speak.

Somebody saaaaaave meeeee…..



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