The White-Slaughtering Face of Racism


In our modern political climate, rabid accusations of racism, bigotry and intolerance run rampant, with Conservatives being demonized as malicious monsters intent on crushing the voice of racial minorities. But what is the true nature of racism, and who are the proponents of it in America?

The epitome of irony in Liberalism’s accusations towards Conservatives is the fact that they are, precisely, the intolerance that they claim to oppose. Numerous instances of this have been illustrated, from Antifa’s vicious rioting and destruction of public property and infrastructure at President Trump’s inauguration, to Kathy Griffin’s mock execution of the President.

These extremities have originated from more subtle cues that have been planted within modern society to normalize aggression against those who are white or European; it begins with the gradual replacement of white historical and mythological figures with “politically correct” ones. As seen below, the traditional Greek Goddess is here portrayed as an African.


Below we see the gradual distortion of European Gods and Goddesses into liberal fantasies to represent minorities.

Blackwashing mythology


But the most shockingly explicit example of this normalization of not only the censorship, but historical revision, and subsequent replacement, of whites, is noted in a recent incident in which it was uncovered that the same artist who created former President Obama’s portrait was also responsible for creating artwork that depicted African Americans beheading, and championing the decapitated bodies of, white women.

As if by some horrendously written fan fiction, the ancient tales of Mythology, honor and heroism that characterized early Western civilization has since been distorted into the Procrustean bed of Liberalism and political correctness.

In this new dystopia, the very concept that “It’s okay to be white” is met with vehement condemnation and fury. But it does not stop there; the same trend is present in the left’s attempt to revise history in the destruction of historical monuments, notably seen by the acts of domestic terrorism that they have committed in destroying the Confederate monuments. 


Is this considered acceptable in modern society?



This is a recurrent theme within the atrocious work of Kehinde Wiley, the black supremacist responsible for the Obama painting.

One can scarcely imagine the absolute outrage if this were a white woman decapitating and displaying the severed head of a black woman. Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and every other predominantly black city in the country would be aflame with rioting and violence at the hands of leftists and domestic terrorists (the two are quite synonymous in this day and age). It is time to stand in solidarity against the opposition that is, quite evidently, the true face of racism.


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