Every time the country faces another deadly mass shooting, the cultural marxists go out on the prowl and look to blame the “toxic masculinity” of white males. It happens every time, and you can predict what sites this ideological garbage will emanate from.

Salon’s Chauncey Devega wrote a wonderful article unsurpringly titled “White men and their guns: Carnage is the price conservatives are willing to pay.”

Chauncey devega salon

Mr. Devega proceeds to elaborate on the reasons we see so many mass shootings in the US. All of these anti-gun propaganda pieces make sure to point out the perpetrator is white, while ignoring the non-white crime plaguing the country. Why don’t we ever see Salon point out that 13% of America’s population commit 52% of violent crimes? I imagine if they did, they would blame white oppression and poverty on these startling facts.

Devega goes on to point out that this was a crime based on gender. He states that Dimitrios Pagourtzis harassed a teenage girl who stood up to him in public. Pagourtzis killed this individual, plus nine more, but was it really about gender and masculinity?

Chauncey Devega Salon toxic masculinity

I have become equally irritated with the “cuckservatives,” just as much as the liberal loons, but there are too many factors that play into these mass shootings to just blame it on “white toxic masculinity.”

Liberals and their theories.

No, I do not agree that the solution to school shootings is to arm teachers. We should not have to arm a teacher in order to prevent a school shooting. We should be living in a safe modern society. The society that our European ancestors laid out for us.

What we are seeing today in the US is a product of degeneracy and multi-racial cosmopolitanism. Remember…diversity is our strength. It is such a blessing on American society.


I will meet you liberals in the middle. I will support new gun restrictions when you stand up and support sealing our borders, banning illegal immigration, and paying non-whites to move back to their native countries.

Whites made up 90% of the population up until the late 1960s. The numbers began to decline after the passage of the Hart-Cellar Act of 1964, a legislative treason largely achieved thanks to Senator Ted Kennedy.

I am not blaming non-whites for some white kid shooting ten people in a high school. I am blaming degeneracy and third world influence on crime rates, in general.

This utopian society that cultural marxists drool over is here. We are living in it. Rapes, murder, riots, and violence in general are the result of multiculturalism. It is a society that is decaying. People are backed up into a corner and forced to deal with situations that they wish not to acknowledge.

You can call it hate. You can call my words racist, but I call it the truth. We should not be discussing arming teachers. We should be having discussions on how to turn the tide on demographics and culture. European culture is a remarkable thing. It brought us western civilization. Our politicians allowed the third world to infiltrate our country and they brought their culture with them.

As long as we continue down the path of multiracialism and multiculturalism, we will see a continuing rise in violence and crime. There is absolutely no proof that a racially diverse society works. Actually there is proof. Proof that it is unhealthy human interaction.

Media outlets like Salon and CNN will continue to tell you that the evil white man is killing our kids, but we know that this is a lie. And even if this was a legitimate problem, it would be the result of your leftist utopian society.


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