Reconciling racial realism with Constitutionality & Meritocracy


The nature of racial realism 


Racial realism is a controversial, albeit factual, concept. Irrespective of how it may be passionately denied, the distinct differentiation between races may be observed in any objective inquiry into natural processes, through differences in Intelligence Quotient, crime statistics, poverty, lack of modern industrialization, fertility and mortality rate, et cetera. Equality, from a purely empirical perspective, is not a spontaneous creation of nature; it is a fictiously-fabricated ideal of human consciousness and a cultivated perspective of established morality. Man is, for all intents and purposes, a God-animal: he is a superior creation that has developed over innumerable trials of environmental adaptation and enhancement. He is god-like in his depiction of divine forces being reminiscent of himself; his depiction of the Gods is a macrocosm of what he himself embodies in nature, in relation to other species.

Nature has no consideration of the individuals within a species, but emphasizes the preservation of the majority. This truth is inherently difficult to reconcile with the idealistic Constitutional principles upon which our country was established, but it is one that must be discussed, and thoroughly understood before it may be cooperative with philosophically idealistic efforts of equal opportunity.

Human beings, like all biological organisms, are subject to the same laws of nature implicit in the preservation of the most efficient members of a species, that being natural selection; consequently, like every other species, humans experience divergence between racial demographics to increase competition for resources by Allopatric Speciation, or the phenomenon in which species develop genetic differences due to geographical separation. Therefore, irrefutable differences in racial demographics that are native to different continents are present. This is also reinforced through anthropological evidence demonstrating skeletal differences by race. Other factors illustrate the differences between racial demographics as well, including IQ, mortality rate, poverty, industrialization, etc.

east asia iq
East Asians possess the highest statistical IQ average, at 105+, while Africans possess the lowest statistical IQ average at 65 or less.

Other factors, including poverty, industrialization, fertility and mortality rates also illustrate the drastic differences in racial demographics:

subsaharan fertility rate
Credit: UNDESA/World Resources Institute

We see the phenomenon of natural selection in motion through the frequency of disease and mortality in underdeveloped countries; this is essentially an evolutionary response to contain an imploding population in unsustainable conditions. However, even in attempted multicultural and integrated societies, some demographics possess a greater disproportionate probability of violence, poverty, drug usage, arrest and mortality.

This suggests an internal mechanism that creates a deviation from normal behavior. The unfortunate state of the human condition is evident in our inferiority to the laws of nature. It is, therefore, undeniable that distinct genetic, behavioral, and physiological characteristics allow us to be categorized accordingly. These categorizations, in turn, make perfectly logical arguments for defending the interests of our respective groups.

Intellectual conversation, debate, and competence may often be considered a luxury that a fraction of the world cannot afford, given the fact that a majority of the world’s population isn’t even self-sufficient, or is significantly underdeveloped. Therefore, one could argue that mental competence and capacity, philosophical inquiry, and religious curiosity is a relatively new stage of evolutionary development, that only a fraction of countries have experienced. However, taking into account these biological facts creates difficulty in reconciling tribalistic tendencies with meritocratic ideals. So, how might they be pursued?

Equal opportunity, not equality. 

There may often be a fine line between acceptance, and endorsement. One of the most detrimental attempts of American society has been not just to simply accept different demographics and groups for the sake of political correctness and courtesy, but to actively endorse these groups in order to perpetuate identity politics, specifically for minorities, as a type of expected compensation for “oppression” by other demographics.

This fallacy ignores the disproportionately violent trends also present in those same demographics, and instead portrays them as being intrinsically deserving of elevated recognition due to victimization. The victimization mentality has thoroughly destroyed meritocratic values. Ideally, physical characteristics should be deemed irrelevant to intellectual capacity and aptitude, but forcefully integrated societies have created an extensively dependent reliance upon them, and destroyed any authentic value of intelligent discourse.

The Promethean Nationalist is an individual who does not observe statistical facts, evidence and observations through a preconceived bias, but cultivates their perspectives according to those factual pieces of evidence and observation. They are those who reject the notion of societal “equality” which is a blatant contradiction to natural development itself. Rather, the Promethean acknowledges these differences and therefore advocates for the ability of different groups to pursue their own interests.

Meritocracy, not mediocrity.

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. — Aristotle

The pursuit of Social Justice perpetuates mediocrity. The Promethean is one who rejects the false, and dangerously idealistic, notion of an inherent equality, but strives for the admirable, constitutional pursuit of equal opportunity. Like Prometheus, we bear the torch of Enlightenment to humanity; that is, in this case, the value of 1) the fraternal association of others within our heritage, and 2) the respectability of heightening societal expectation through intellectual discussion, meritocracy, and debate, and maintaining the pursuit of equal opportunity in that regard. The Promethean does not disregard one pursuit for the other, but acknowledges the inherent value within both.

Through the passing down of this torch to future generations, we may acknowledge both our fraternal needs in our history, heritage, and honor, as well as in Constitutionality, and the admirable pursuit of equal opportunity. It is only through this balance that we may attain a higher intellectually-developed civilization, and restore to us the philosophical exaltation of the ancient West.


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