Socialism in the Alt-Right

"I'm not confused. I'm just well-mixed."—Robert Frost


I’ve defended the Alt-Right’s War on Censorship, as well as their adoption of President Trump’s America First policy. Our mutual defense of absolute Free Speech, a Libertarian aka Classical Liberal principle, doesn’t mean that I won’t call out the more Far-Right elements of the movement for their misguided ideals and hypocritical practices. Namely, the Far-Right’s ironic love affair with Socialism.

I’m sure a few of you just rubbed your eyes to make sure you’re not seeing in 100 proof (cheers, by the way). It’s well-known that many individuals claiming the Alt-Right as their movement have a Hitler fetish. Now, it’s not my place to judge what they’re into, Hell, my browser history would make Howard Stern blush. But the only thing I hate more than light beer is Socialism — which is Communism that hasn’t grown up yet.

Anyone with even the faintest knowledge of history knows the Nazis were Socialists. Those who support Socialism will say the Nazi Party was actually Fascist, but that is a classic red herring defense. Hitler’s regime was a hybrid of the two, which is all too common among the many other shining examples of Socialism’s inherent ties to Fascism. It is difficult to enforce the principles of Socialism without employing the brutality of Fascism.

socialism fascism alt-right

The same apologists who claim Hitler wasn’t a Socialist accept, as unquestioningly as many Nazis did in the 1930s, the slogan “Crusade against Marxism” as a summary of his views. An age in which fascism has become a catch-all accusation for those with opposing ideals is unlikely to analyse it profoundly.

The truth of the matter is, Hitler was only ever anti-Marxist in appearance, as the other major Socialist government at the time was founded by the Bolsheviks, whom Hitler did not want the German people to associate him with. The title of National Socialism was not entirely hypocritical, though the evidence prior to 1945 was more private than public.

I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun, the whole of National Socialism was based on Marx.

It is the issue of race, above all, that for over half a century has kept National Socialism from being seen as socialist. The proletariat may have no fatherland, as Lenin said. However, there were, in Marx’s opinion, races that would have to be exterminated. That is a view he published in January-February 1849 in an article by Engels called “The Hungarian Struggle” in Marx’s journal the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, and the point was recalled by Marxists all the way down to the rise of Hitler.

It is now becoming widely understood by philosophers and historians that Auschwitz was truly Marx-inspired. The Marxist theory required and demanded genocide for reasons implicit in its claim that feudalism was giving way to Capitalism, which must in turn be subdued by Socialism. Entire races would be left behind after a workers’ revolution, feudal remnants in a socialist age; and since they could not advance two steps at a time, they would have to be killed. These people were “racial trash,” as Engels so loquaciously referred to them, and fit only for the dung-heap of history. As Allied soldiers liberated concentration camp prisoners, the Marxists of the world were beyond eager to forget this particular Socialist ritual.

The radicals among the Alt-Right really seem to genuinely want to be Nazis, I’m not painting with a broad brush here, there are plenty of Patriotic, freedom-loving Americans who don’t hate Jews in the Alt-Right. Milo is by far one of my favorite conservative pundits, and my own views on Civic Nationalism could easily earn me the Alt label, which unlike spineless “normies” I’m not afraid of bearing. But, let’s be honest, the thousands of literal Nazis on Gab calling themselves the Alt-Right is sobering (buzzkill), to say the least.

Matt Heimbach Traditionalist Workers party
The “Luftwaffle” needs to lay off the schnitzel

They make up a very small fraction of the Alt-Right, yet they have managed to become synonymous with the term in the public eye. We’re talking about an outcast fringe group of closeted, homophobic Midwesterners who hate Jews and Israel, and blame both for every imaginable atrocity. They push tinhat Jewish cabal conspiracy theories that would make Jesse Ventura question their sanity and intelligence. They try to justify this hatred by associating it with a hatred of Marxism, yet they’ve convinced themselves that Marxism is a Jewish fabrication.

In their misguided analysis, they’ve become this weird Socialist-Fascist contradiction of themselves. They’re right about Hollywood and liberals pushing for the destruction of Capitalism and white heritage. They’re right about the invasion of our country by people who hate Americans and our way of life. Only a fool or a shill would say otherwise. But this isn’t a Jewish/Zionist conspiracy. This is a Marxist agenda, that is far from secretive. Are some Jews Marxist? Yes, but many Marxists are white, black, brown and every other color. The SJW movement and Antifa have tens of thousands of whites among their ranks. The Far-Righters actually have a lot in common with SJWs:

alt right versus sjw

What the Alt-Right really hates are the progressive groups attacking American values. But some of them naively conflate the Jews with anything progressive. In so doing, they have become the very thing they hate. They’ve even adopted the same tactics as Antifa, to the point one can hardly tell which side is which when they square off to yell at each other while dressed in red and black. There are many good people in the Alt-Right, it’s a shame they get lumped in with the trash. I hope some strong leaders will rise up, like Milo, Sargon, Coulter and Southern, before the entire movement is hijacked by those too engulfed by blind hatred to achieve any real change.

Every one of these neo-Nazi twits worshiping #HitlerPorn is cluelessly advocating Marxism. Through their adoption of swastikas and reactionary rhetoric, they’re fueling the Left’s false portrayal of real Patriots as fascists, and whites as racists. That’s not Patriotism, that’s ignorance. Let’s redefine the movement as what it was intended to be before mouth-breathers like Herr Heimbach and liberal propagandists twisted the narrative.


  1. Let’s see how many Nazis will comment on here defending the ideology. “Hitler wasn’t a real Socialist…blah, blah, blah, you disagree with me, so you’re a shill!” Then they’ll jerk off to Hitler in their mom’s basement.

  2. There are some good folks in the Alt Right but I’ll agree these Far Right whack jobs are only hurting the cause. Maybe Antifa and the Nazis will kill each other off and clean out the gene pool

  3. Every Socialist dipshit has tried to create as much separation between Marx and Hitler since the Holocaust, while every neoNazi douchecanoe has helped them. The only difference between “true” socialism and National Socialism was the Hitler knew taking away private property would cause German in-fighting, and he needed them unified for his war against the rest of the world. There’s an abundance of literature, documents and witnesses to his founding the Nazi Party on Marxism, but Antifa and the Nazitrolls on Gab would both prefer to ignore it, while utilizing identical methods and tactics against all those who point it out.



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