Social Engineering in the 21st Century: Part III


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In the previous installments of this series, we discussed dehumanization and silencing as tools used by propagandists. Another thing we often see is the utilization of ostracization to promote an ideology. Ostricization isn’t only being physically removed or exiled. In this case, it is removing the people whom you disagree with and their ideas from the public sphere.

Now is an opportune time to discuss this strategy, as it has become contemporaneous with the release of these articles. We have recently seen the swift removal of gun culture from many media outlets, search engines and retail stores. This serves to effectively banish firearms and those who use firearms from society.

The aim is to eliminate discussion and appreciation of firearms in society, and force it outside of the Overton Window. Furthermore, social media outlets have militantly cracked down on anyone questioning the authenticity of the claims of witnesses turned activists after the Parkland hooting.

Facebook post removed fact check

Posts are disappearing, videos are taken down and claims that “this post disagrees with” are used to remove anything questioning the liberal narrative. It seems quite fitting, since the creator of is a former CNN reporter. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to recognize that CNN is often accused of fabricating fake news and peddling agendas.

Another way that ideas are removed from society is historical revisionism, and the denouncing of those questioning it as historical negationism. In many European countries, any challenges of Japanese crimes in WWII, German war crimes or the Armenian Genocide will land you in jail. This isn’t just isolated to Europe, unfortunately.

The excuse of offensiveness has been used to remove historical statues, flags and memorials from public squares throughout the US. People were taking to the streets and celebrating the removal of these statues because someone deemed them as “racist.” The goals of this are more sinister than removing an offensive statue, it is taking the Confederate Generals’ names and their stories out of history.

Removal of offensive statues
Credit: Virginia Bridges/AP

This will further prevent the fact from being known that the North, themselves, had slaves while trying to use the institution of slavery as a point of contention, or that Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus. This act will further aid in leveraging the Civil War as a tool to promote the propagandistic idea of a culture of systemic racism. Considering that we recognize that fake news is a legitimate problem in today’s world, it is utterly asinine to think that news in the past has been infallible or entirely factually correct.

In fact, Orwell highlighted this in 1984, when he stated, “For how could you establish even the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?” Our understanding of history changes upon new discoveries and research. As a society, this should be encouraged and it is a great disservice to limit this development.

If dissenting voices to the historical narrative are universally quashed, Orwell’s statement is a description of the reality in which we live, because “he who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past, controls the future.” Ostracization of ideas and those who hold those ideas is an effective way to monopolize the beliefs and ideologies of an entire culture. Social engineering doesn’t become any more obvious than this.

Revisionist history

The idea of free speech is an illusion in Europe. Recently, a man was tried for downloading “extreme songs” on his laptop. In England, you can be jailed for making retaliatory posts in the wake of a terrorist attack and there are ongoing discussions of imprisonment for looking up right-wing sites online. America must become aware of this before it becomes law here. If we don’t, it won’t be long until more of our freedoms and ideas are removed from our lives, and fade into the abyss of revised history.


  1. Unfortunately the end goal is to tear us completely down so we do not exist anymore and build what they want in our place. This has been the goal all along and it is working. I guess I better get out my foil hat while realizing the NWOGG is getting closer by the day. A sad day indeed.



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