Social Engineering in the 21st Century: Part II


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The previous article identified how accusations are being cast towards political opponents in order to dehumanize and marginalize them. The next propagandistic tactic is that of silencing the opposition. It is no secret that selected groups are being singled out and targeted by mainstream media and effectively silenced. This is more than just attempting to dominate the field from a capitalistic perspective, it is a battle of ideas.

Multiple mainstream media outlets pejoratively refer to right-leaning organizations as “far-right,” “nationalistic” or “conspiratorial” in an attempt to discredit them. CNN has been accused multiple times of faking news and reporters have been suspended for flat-out lying. Currently, major news networks have a proclivity towards accusing other media outlets of fabricating news (pot, meet kettle).

As the Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels is often quoted “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” While this is disputed, it is a reflection of the zeitgeist in media. We need not look any further than the MSM’s constant tirade against Russian manipulation of the 2016 election. It’s almost as if they want to have a monopoly on propaganda. Didn’t the US, under Obama, meddle with the recent Israeli election? Why don’t they mention that?

It has been identified that far-left organizations, such as Antifa, have sympathizers in positions of employment in social media outlets. The goal of Antifa is to remove any platform on which rightwing ideologies can be promulgated. We have seen people physically attacked in the streets for wearing MAGA hats, riots at college institutions and riots across Europe.

Antifa riots
Credit: Stop Communism in America

Rioters and vandals are the red herring, Antifa and other similar organizations have a more significant presence online. Their tactic is to infiltrate and “expose” their opposition by doxxing their personal information. They have been known to contact an employee’s place of employment or publishing background information, such as military or criminal records. They have even been known to contact the FBI.

Online, their tactics are the same as they are in the streets. It is their aim to provoke you into either committing a crime, or saying/typing something that can be taken out of context to have you declared a “fascist.” Once you have been declared a “fascist,” they become relentless. They will not stop until you no longer have a voice with which to express your opinion. To them, a “fascist” is anyone who supports Capitalism or borders…you read that correctly. Substantial evidence is available linking this group with Communism, with goals to usher in another Bolshevik Revolution, here in America.

Other forms of oppression are commonplace in our society as well. Nobel Laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and author of The Gulag Archipelago is credited with having “the most banned book in the world.” It seems odd that books are banned, this day and age, especially after the popularity of Larry Flynt. Solzhenitsyn, however, is no stranger to censorship, The Gulag Archipelago itself has been banned multiple times, and is mentioned as being “written in secret,” throughout the text.

The mentioning of Solzhenitsyn serves as a segue to speak on the more extreme forms of censorship. He identifies how the populace was systematically gulaged if they had any anti-Communist ideologies, or had any past inclination towards Trotsky. Throughout the text, he talks about how people have been removed from their homes and arrested for having “negative attitudes,” or being “accused of criticizing Stalin.” At the surface, this seems like a hyperbolic comparison, however, the same tactics are being used today.

In Europe, you can be jailed for questioning historical events. In Canada, you can be jailed for calling someone “Mister” if they prefer “Miss,” and California has passed similar laws.

SPLC hatemap

Furthermore, groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are declaring Christian Identity, Anti-Immigrant, Radical Traditional Catholicism and Nationalism (also known as Patriotism) as hate groups. The mentioning of these groups seems odd, until you look at where this group gets it’s funding. It is another radical leftist organization, aimed at smearing and silencing rightwing ideologies through silencing and deception. They are often quoted in news articles as the authority in hate groups, and their influence goes unquestioned. These tactics of subterfuge and manipulation have gone unchecked for too long and if we do not recognize them, our ideology and culture will suffer.

Voltaire said it best:

Had there been a literary censorship in Rome, we should have had to-day neither Horace, Juvenal, nor the philosophical works of Cicero. If Milton, Dryden, Pope, and Locke had not been free, England would have had neither poets nor philosophers; there is something positively Turkish in proscribing printing; and hampering it is proscription.

–Voltaire in His Letters: Being a Selection From His Correspondence (1919)



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