Radcapradio: How to Achieve a Libertarian Social Order


Special Guest Jared Howe of the So to Speak podcast joins host Jim Wood and Roman Garza on Radcapradio to discuss the means necessary to achieve a Libertarian social order.

So to speak Jared Howe
So to Speak podcast, hosted by Jared Howe

Talking Points:

  • Stop mass immigration; restrict immigration to invitation only.
  • Adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy.
  • Defund ruling elites and their intellectual bodyguards.
  • End the FED and all central banks.
  • Abolish all affirmitive action and non-discrimination laws, especially at universities and schools.
  • Crush the antifascist mob; unleash the police to end mob censorship.
  • Crush the street criminals and gangs. Unleash the police. Clear the no-go areas of violent gang rule. Abolish ALL prohibition (shall not be infringed) of firearms.
  • Get rid of the welfare underclass and bums.
  • Get the state out of education.
  • Don’t put your trust in politics and political parties. When involvement in politics cannot be avoided, concentrate your efforts on regional and local, rather than national politics. Advocate for radical decentralization, nulification and peaceful separation, segregation and secession.


It is the ultimate goal of libertarianism to put an end to all politics, and to subject all interpersonal relations and conflicts to private law and civil law procedures. To be sure, under present, all-pervasively politicized conditions an involvement in politics and party politics cannot be entirely avoided. However, in any such involvement one must be keenly aware of and guard against the corrupting influence of power and the lure of money and perks that comes with it. And to minimize this risk and temptation, it is advisable to concentrate one’s efforts on the level of regional and local rather than national politics, and there to promote a radical agenda of decentralization: of nullification and peaceful separation, segregation and secession.

Most importantly, however, we must take heed of Ludwig von Mises’ life-motto:

Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

That is, we must speak out whenever and wherever, whether in formal or informal gatherings, against anyone affronting us with by now only all-too-familiar “politically correct” drivel and left-egalitarian balderdash and unmistakably say: “No. Hell no. You must be kidding.”

In the meantime, given the almost complete mind-control exercised by the ruling elites, academia and the MSM, it already requires a good portion of courage to do so. But if we are not brave enough to do so now and thus set an example for others to follow, matters will become increasingly worse and more dangerous in the future, and we, Western civilization and the Western ideas of freedom and liberty will be wiped out and vanish.


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