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This is Radcapradio’s second edition of the educational series: History In Review. Today’s show will be going over Hitler’s speeches in good detail, what was he really talking about, why would he be saying this or that, and many more questions that ought to be asked, and answered, about his rhetoric! We’ll be going over speeches that touch on Juden, Marxist destruction, Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, the justification for bombing Britain, Bolshevism, the Hitler Youth, to top it off we’ll be covering his speech declaring war on America and more! We’ll be providing a video version on youtube that will allow you to read the words as they came across the screen which may be the prefered way to watch because some of the clips had the translations transition so fast I could not read them fast enough for you to get a perfect quote, so keep that in mind, all translations and clips can be easily found and verified, anything you cannot independently verify consider as fiction. So with no further ado join your host Jimmy Wood, co-host Roman Garza, and Pinochetball for a wild ride and remember to buckle up, its a long one that gets better and better the longer you stay tuned! Don’t miss this!

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