Monetizing Thirst: Instafamous MAGAthots Hustle Conservative Men


Tara McCarthy, Kait Bennet and Sharon Leslie are pseudo-celebrities on Instagram, and they’ve found a way to monetize their sexy selfies. They post videos on politics, culture, NSFW photo galleries and relationship advice on subscription-based sites like FansOnly and Patreon.

“MAGAthot,” and “conservathot” are terms of mockery for women who preach conservative politics and culture online, while catering to an audience that is composed almost entirely of desperate, thirsty beta males.

While I am not opposed to women participating in politics, the reality is that the majority of these “MAGAthots” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Beyond being unoriginal and bland, they appear to be subverting Patriotism and conservative politics for their own ends. They are converging the alternative media into leftism, no different than what SJWs have done to video games and other industries.

The best you can say about many of these women is that they are looking to make money off of sexless chumps, but if you scratch the surface, a darker picture emerges.

Chasing the likes

Thot-Provoking Content

MAGAthots like McCarthy are a radfem’s dream come true. She’s unmarried, has no children, is self-employed and doesn’t answer to any male boss, gets paid to mock her own movement and abase her male audience, is pseudo-famous and fleeces thousands of beta males of their money, while merely showing off a bit of cleavage to do so, and then uses this money to travel the world and bang alpha males, while the beta cucks sit at home and whiteknight for her online. You couldn’t come up with a better feminist dream if you tried. If you traveled back in time to the ’60s and told Gloria Steinem about Tara McCarthy’s lifestyle she would tell you that that is the feminist ideal.

Tara McCarthy magathot
Femsplain this bullBergdahl

That irritating valley girl-voiced Liber-thot Julie Borowski once got all this beta orbiter attention too. As left-libertarianism is largely comprised of broke, unemployed soyboys, and she hasn’t aged gracefully, her view counts have tanked.


Then there’s outright hypocrites like Kait Bennet of Liberty Hangout, who threw a tantrum about needing a safe space after getting criticism for throwing an event mocking safe spaces. Yes, you read that correctly, Kait of Kait’s Unsafe Space needs a safe space. Sometimes the memes make themselves.

In reality, far too few of the women in question walk the talk. And the moment that they get enough influence and power- which as far as I can tell is not terribly difficult for any reasonably attractive young woman- they immediately begin attempting to bend the movement that they have infiltrated to their own needs and desires.

I’m not talking about women like Pamela Geller, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern and Roaming Millenial, who actually use their influence to take action on the principles they espouse. They are intellectually sound, highly articulate, and willing to take real risks to tell truths to a world that does not want to listen. A woman who takes real risks, whether personal, professional, or monetary, in order to get her point across is the real deal and has my respect.

In the end, we should all be measured by our actions, not our follower count. The Sentinel is proud to be one of the few dissident outposts that is unabashedly anti-thot. Unlike the MAGAthots and their cuckservative paypigs, when we say we’re about Patriotism, we mean it.



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  2. Liberty Hangout is a joke and so is Kait Bennet. Couldn’t handle people calling her an idiot on Facebook for having her classmates dress in diapers. #Thotless



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