The masculine isn’t required to “answer to” the feminine. Modern society has done well to create men who crawl home in boyish subservience, while the modern female has become a maker of demands. We see this adulteration far too often in television sitcoms, where the male has been creatively emasculated as an extension of feminine will.

This is out of place. The station of the authentic male is to simply reciprocate the earned respect and regard that is received upward. As the initiator, man should readily perceive what is required in order to protect the integrity of his domain. The industrious woman will support his efforts. Permission is not a dialect of man’s speech.

traditional western man

Modern art. Modern woman. Modern architecture. Modern man. Modern substance. Modern love. All forms of modern “recreation,” yet nothing has been recreated.

Distrust and discord between man and woman has become so woven into our psyche that healthy and balanced relationships seem to be the exception. We have to go back.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you complement me and I honor you.

Because of the woman’s increased egocentrism, men will no longer be of interest to her; she will only care about what they will be able to offer to satisfy her pleasure or her vanity. In the end, she will even incur forms of corruption that usually accompany superficiality, namely, a practical and superficial lifestyle of a masculine type that has perverted her nature…

The same holds true for the results of the Western “emancipation” of women, which is on its way to infecting the rest of the world faster than a plague. Modern woman in wanting to be for herself has destroyed herself. The “personality” she so much yearned for is killing all semblance of female personality in her.

— Julius Evola


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