Marxist Millennials


A staggering problem has risen in modern political discourse: Liberalism has taken a definite hold upon younger generations, and threatens to keep them there, much to the dismay of independent thinkers, intellectuals, Constitutionalists and Conservatives. The origin of this problem? A lack of accountability, and the tendency of American youth to prioritize the relinquishment of their own rights in exchange for convenience and societal luxury over personal responsibility in maintaining their Constitutional rights. In fact, they abuse the very Constitutional rights guaranteed to them in freedom of speech and expression by supporting political ideologies that are directly contradictory to liberty, like socialism and communism. According to the Washington Times, “58 percent of the up-and-coming generation opted for one of the three systems [socialism, communism or fascism], compared to 42 percent who said they were in favor of capitalism…31 percent said they have a favorable view of Che Guevara, 32 percent Karl Marx, 23 percent Vladimir Lenin and 19 percent Mao Zedong. Joseph Stalin is viewed favorably by just 6 percent.” Equally as ironic is the fact that only 33% could successfully identify socialism.

This is indicative of one thing: historical literacy is not the motivation for millennials’ scandalous affair with communism and socialism. A domestic phenomenon is causing them to adopt this fallacious ideology. What is the most probable cause? Millennials’ emotionally-motivated entitlement and refusal to accept responsibility. Rather than adopting responsibility for their own actions and utilizing that commitment to benefit themselves and secure financial prosperity, they prefer to relinquish all liberty and personal autonomy; that is, they prefer to reduce the quality of life for everyone so that all may be equal in mediocrity, rather than to acquire the responsibility it would require for them to elevate themselves to the success of others that they vehemently condemn as “the privileged”.

The actual irony lies within the fact that the superiority of the privileged is protected further in communist and socialist systems by abusing unfortunate workers, moreso than it is in capitalist countries. A tangible example of this is illustrated in the Venezuelan President’s reprehensible taunt to starving Venezuelans, in which he ate an empanada while broadcasting to his impoverished country. Poverty is so severe within the failed socialist state that natives have resorted to looting and regular criminal activity just to sustain themselves. Does an egomaniacal dictator that relishes in food, while his citizens starve to death and descend into anarchic chaos, sound like the equality that millennials preach about? 

This example illustrates the immense hypocrisy of leftist-utopian idealism, and how it is nothing more than a sacrilegious moral outrage designed to perpetuate victimization by supporting detrimental policies and ideologies that harm rather than help the populations that they pretend to be concerned for.

If liberal millennials would like to participate in political activism that emphasizes the distressful nature of economic inequality and injustice, they could start by separating themselves from an ideology that is responsible for the deaths of over 100+million people. Perhaps then, we could have a reasonable discussion with them about any disagreements that they possess regarding Capitalism and Constitutionality.

But despite the cynical perspective of millennials who demand societal accommodation through socialism and communism, there is yet an indication that their hypocrisy is serving as an educational lesson to other generations; Generation Z (those born between the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s) appear to be the most educated regarding socialism and capitalism. 43% of them are able to correctly identify socialism, more than any other demographic in America, and also had the most positive demeanor regarding our capitalist economic system, with 66% demonstrating support of it.

This new phenomenon is indicative that, while many millennials have been deceived by the dangerously idealistic fantasies of socialism and communism, the youth following them seems to have learned from their fallacious errors. Hope yet remains for American youth, in the fight against Communism, censorship and political correctness. A new advantage to Conservatism is rising, and they are, the youthful rebels of the Right.


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