N onchalant exposure to sexuality desecrates sex. Here is a conundrum: Exposure to sexual elements in society destroys sexuality. While this may initially appear absurdly paradoxical, it is merely demonstrative evidence of a fundamental problem underlying modernized society: extensive, normalized exposure to sexual elements serves as an inherent detriment to sexual energy, health, and attraction.

According to a recent study, 70% of men and 40% of women find it acceptable to integrate pornography into their intimate relationship, despite evidence reinforcing that such material encourages infidelity, decreases intimate interaction, and eliminates commitment.

This instance is metaphorically identical to the current medical crisis that is being confronted in the form of a newly named “Nightmare Bacteria,” or, bacteria that has developed an immunity to antibiotics due to the use of excessive prescription medication; in simpler terms, overexerting prescription medication has cultivated a bacterial resistance to it. What was once considered to be the solution has now become the fundamental problem.

Pornography is the new nightmare bacteria.

Our society has likewise normalized the overexertion of a sacred, private, spiritual practice to the degree that “the Pearls have been cast before swine.” An esoteric practice involving the adoration of one’s partner through humble affection has been reduced down to mere hedonism. This fundamentally undermines the genuine nature of sex; the presence of such intimate elements in virtually every aspect of society has thoroughly diluted them, and created an insatiable egotism in modern society. This detrimental modern tendency also encourages violence, promiscuity, and the destruction of any and all sincere loyalty, intimacy, chivalry, romance, and love in relationships. The act of smothering sexuality within a hedonistic society is an obvious detriment- and the opposite is true as well.

Porn is a disease

Many religious ideologies have falsely assumed that the appropriate response to the smothering of sexuality is through the opposite extreme: its strangulation. A prominent example of this is demonstrated through the abhorrent acts of sexual deviancy that occur within the catholic church, which calls for the celibacy of its clergy. The most notable recent incident involving this would include the 34 catholic bishops that recently resigned after the discovery of child abuse. The blatant rejection of sexuality, and the subsequent condemnation of it as being intrinsically immoral, likewise results in a departure from healthy sexuality. Such a departure cultivates a similarly heinous consequence: a relinquishment of human discipline and morality, and the embrace of blatantly animalistic, rabid actions that are committed in an attempt to suffice an insatiable craving for what has been deemed unattainable.

Neither of the previously-discussed extremities offer any feasible path to the expression of sexuality as a natural component of life. Both result in the destruction of the value of intimacy, either through the starvation, or overexertion, of it. An appropriate balance between the expression of sexuality with a committed partner, and a discipline of the portrayal of the nature of intimacy, is necessary to maintain a healthy society. The rejection of those who degenerate sexuality into an act of perverse hedonism, as well as those who demonize it as an intrinsically-immoral act, is a necessity. In this way, the bishop might indeed be just as greatly degenerated as a prostitute.


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