I must admit, I’ve been rather quiet these past few weeks. I’m still here, behind the scenes. We’ve been in the midst of a huge transition. We’ve rebranded, grown, and are planning for a bright future in real, honest journalism with integrity. With that being said, my silence is not 100% my own doing.

Let’s talk about social media. I think we can all agree that facebook has become the boil on the backside of the internet. Zucky boy is a tool, and free speech absolutely does not exist on that platform. To me, it’s like the skanky ex-girlfriend that you bang more for nostalgia than pleasure. After a couple hours, you feel dirty, agitated, and want her to leave. That’s what Facebook has become for me. And, Mr. Zuckerberg, you are a walking tampon. I drink to your bankruptcy, and the abundant lawsuits that are no doubt heading your way. You, sir, are part of what’s wrong with this country.

Mark zuckerburg censorship

I have two Facebook accounts, because I’m constantly banned for 30 days at a time for speaking my mind. And, as I’ve said before, when my life is openly threatened via the same platform, nothing is ever done about it. EVER.

But enough about the obsolete joke known as Facebook. Let’s talk about another joke, referred to as Twitter. I never had much interest in Twitter, until I began writing for The Sentinel. Within a few weeks I had 70,000 followers (give or take). I was astonished, and happy. That is until I was, you guessed it, banned. Removed for “automated behavior.” Funny, because I used to check it once a day or so, and merely shared my articles, or the work of my colleagues.

And I’m still not back on Twitter. I need to supply a phone number to do so, and they won’t accept it for verification. In other words, goodbye, Mr. Shepherd, best of luck to you, and thanks for coming.

I see a pattern emerging here. Do you happen to be white, conservative, perhaps a veteran, or even tell the truth? Guess what? Your speech will not be tolerated in the 21st Century, you silly dreamer. And, as much as this angers me, I see a silver lining. The far-left is scared. They remind me of the toddler with his fingers in his ears, throwing a tantrum. In other words, they’re losing, and badly.

It’s been a rough couple of months for myself and my Editor-in-Chief. Relentless harassment from the joke that is now social media. A lawsuit filed against us by scumbag, criminal communists. A lawsuit that we won, by the way. My point is, it was a tough time for us. The stress was mounting, my depression was starting to set in yet again. It seems that often in life, when there is hope on the horizon, the dark clouds appear. Yet, we prevailed. Not only have we prevailed, we’re stronger and now have some VERY powerful allies.

But I’m not here to gloat. I’m here to remind real Americans that we are your allies. Be it Libertarians, Conservatives, or Classical Liberals (such as myself), welcome home. We’ll never lie to you, or distort facts. We have standards, and we don’t trade them for paychecks, ever. Consider that months ago I went to bed many nights with my stomach grumbling, and empty cupboards. Yet I went to sleep smiling. Myself, and my Editor (a fellow veteran) never traded our ideals. It’s not something that many “journalists” can say in this era, and it feels damned good.

In the era of digital book burnings, SJWs, and neo-Communists, I’d say people like us are a dying breed, or so I had thought. I thought wrong. The mainstream media is a relic, and I truly believe that this social experiment called “liberal [in]tolerance” has just about run it’s course. I get the luxury of travelling with my day job, I speak to many different people from all walks of life and various political ideologies. We’re not as divided as you’ve been told, and people are seeing through the false narrative they’ve been force-fed. Older Democrats are rejecting progressive extremism, and conservatives are beginning to appreciate the tenets of Libertarianism and Austrian economics.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, and a damned dangerous time to be a journalist. I happen to enjoy a certain amount of danger, it gives life meaning. Stand for something, and you will have enemies. I’m sure I’m sitting on a government watch list somewhere, maybe a few. If I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that the FBI has lost all credibility. So I won’t spend my time sweating the fact that my opinion is published. Compile all the lists of journalists you want, fellas, we’re not going anywhere. I bet you could fit those of us who publish the truth on a 3×5 card, and save the taxpayers a considerable sum. You may want to try some damage control within your own ranks. Rest assured, all eyes are on you, and the American people want answers.

So, to all of our friends, welcome to your new era of #Winning. Enjoy real news once again, and thank you. Thank you for caring, and thank you for the support. They can ban social media accounts. Hell, we may just launch our own social media platform, now that Facebook and Twitter are going down in flames, for now, we’ll hang out on Gab with the cool kids. Big Tech have proven, again and again, that they simply do not care about their users.

They can burn books, but if a man speaks one thought out loud, that thought lives. Remember that, friends. The paradigim is shifting in our favor.


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