BBC Rewrites History by Making Achilles Black

Blackwashing history


Apparently BBC and Netflix have declared themselves the real-life adaptation of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, as they have chosen to blackwash the Trojan War and Greek mythology in their latest collaborative cinematic catastrophe.

Troy: Fall of a City chronicles the siege of Troy, with a twist — Achilles, Patroclus and Zeus are played by black actors. I shit you not. Here are some of the responses by social media users:

  • Homer in the Iliad repeatedly describes Achilles as “blonde” and “golden”-haired
    Africans had nothing to do with Greek mythology or ancient European history. Who in their right mind could see and enjoy this new TV series?
  • This is blatant racism towards Greek people, and I am shocked by the audacity of the BBC to try and rewrite Greek history.
  • F***ing idiots. Way to turn History into an excuse for race-baiting. F*** you BBC

My question is, when are we going to produce a series with Malcolm X played by a white actor? What’s that…did someone suggest that’s racist? Why, you’re absolutely right, which is exactly what the wankers at BBC have proven themselves to be. Of course, if you disagree with their revisionist history, you’re a racist. Even the Greeks have become targets of the Left, simply for being white-ish. Maybe if the entire nation spends a few weeks sunbathing, they’ll get their historical figures back. What a tragic fate, to defeat the countless hordes of Persia, only to have their history rewritten by British beta males who serve a small child and a frail, old hag.

Many Netflix subscribers have threatened to cancel their subscriptions, and thousands of Brits and Greeks have voiced their anger online to BBC’s Twitter account with some rather colorful (pun intended) tweets. Yet, the SJWs are strangely silent about this obvious case of “cultural appropriation.”

The only benefit I see is that this further underscores the blatant hypocrisy of the Left’s cultural Marxism. Don’t just hop on Twitter and spout off some pithy tweets voicing your contempt, vote with your dollars. Cancel your Netflix subscription and pirate your shows like I do…I mean, I’ve heard that’s what people do.


  1. This is especially stupid because there already is a black character in the Trojan war they could have used. His name is Memnon, king of Ethiopia.



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