Breakthrough Film Reveals HPV Vaccine is a Fraud

*Original article posted on PERC360: News for Short Attention Spans A breakthrough film released in September of 2017, Sacrificial Virgins, provides research and theories from various experts who have uncovered...
Gun Laws Are Not the Problem. It's the Drugs.

Gun Laws Are Not the Problem. It’s the Drugs.

*Original article posted on The fact that a minor can purchase a gun, but not alcohol or cigarettes certainly suggests a revision in gun laws seems necessary. While the youth...

Study Shows McDonald’s Fries Could Help Cure Hair Loss

We finally have an excuse to eat McDonald’s  fries (even though Wendy's fries are infinitely better). As it turns out, McDonald's french fries could assist in curing baldness. A Surprising...
gloved hand holding HPV vaccine syringe

New HPV Vaccines May be Deadly

There are currently two HPV vaccines on the market, but if there was any regard for sound scientific evidence, neither would be promoted as heavily as they are. The...

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