Free Society and the Ethnostate

Hello, Alt-Right, I'm Joshua Long. I've watched you rise from the masses, and step onto the national stage. A movement of American youth, frustrated with the condition of our...

Propertarianism: The Philosophy of the West in Scientific Terms

A reader recently submitted a question regarding the differences between propertarianism and national socialism. Below is the original question, followed by a comparative analysis of the distinctions separating the...
Classical liberalism Propertarianism

Is Classical Liberalism Conservative?

The present condition of liberalism might be likened to an ill-fated ship that has lost its course and fell upon the windless doldrums of apathy. However, (classical) liberalism itself...

Sargon of Akkad: This Week in Stupid

Trump, Fascism & Democracy Sargon provides a thorough analysis of the differences between Nationalism and Fascism, while debunking the misinformed opinion that populists like President Trump are fascists, an overly-used...

The Biological Defense of Firearms

Given recent tragedies, there is a heated controversy over the nature of current laws pertaining to the accessibility of firearms. Many argue that guaranteed security need be prioritized over...
Prometheus in Chains black & white

The Promethean Nationalist

Reconciling racial realism with Constitutionality & Meritocracy   The nature of racial realism    Racial realism is a controversial, albeit factual, concept. Irrespective of how it may be passionately denied, the distinct differentiation...
Nietzsche Degeneracy

The Definition of Degeneracy: A Nietzschean Perspective

In modern political discourse, accusations of “degeneracy” run rampant. Closely associated with it are instances of ideological purity crusades, redundant condemnations, and arguments about what is and isn’t morally...

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