Locals in Wakanda, Africa are both confused and frustrated by a controversial sign advertising the newly-constructed Wakanda General Hospital. Critics of the advertisement have called for its removal on the basis of widely-varied complaints, ranging from racism to invoking panic.

Local electrician Kaikara Achello took issue with the problematic effects it’s had on his business, after he had to create a new billboard that reads, “opposite crazy witch doctor hospital.” A young mother who lives nearby states, “It shows ‘white’ hernia, but no black hernia. This is a clear example of racism in the healthcare industry.”

Another resident said that the sign’s reference to the rare and deadly ailment of night witches has scared his children to the point that they have been avoiding walking past it, for fear of becoming bewitched. Fucking night witches…I thought those were terminal.

Multiple grassroots campaigns have been organized to have the sign removed, with the primary source of funding stemming from an anti-circumcision movement, whose leader cites the risky procedures involved in the treatment of “strong dick,” a slang term for a condition specialists refer to as strong penis.

A meeting of the council of elders will be convened on the 17th of March to discuss possible remedies for the sign’s controversial nature, including a proposal that would have the depictions of white patients on the sign repainted to more accurately reflect the region’s indigenous population.


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