As headlines and satire become increasingly indistinguishable, and mainstream media outlets promote conspiracy theories about President Trump, the popular satire news site The Onion has decided to shut down its operations. 

“Our best satire articles can’t compete with the insanity of the real world anymore” said Onion CEO Mike McAvoy in a press release. 

Indeed, it must be difficult to publish satire when the movie Idiocracy appears ever more like a documentary. McAvoy cited a recent article by the New York Times advocating for repatriation of American terrorists abroad as employees to fight terrorism as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A representative for Univision Media, the Spanish conglomerate that owns The Onion, announced they will be selling the site to Amazon, Inc. Rumor has it that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos intends to repurpose The Onion as an AI-powered tool that curates the “most ridiculous headlines of the day.” 


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