The Oppression Pyramid is the cultural codex of our time. It contains the essential wisdom and precepts that structure society along more equitable and inclusive lines. As progressives, we must adhere to the rules set forth by this tool of Critical Race Theory, so as not to commit the ultimate offense: speaking out of turn in a hurtful and marginalizing way about groups of people that rank higher along the pyramid than we.

First, let me check my privilege because I am a white Person of Means (POM). Despite my oppressed status as a woman, there is a lot I have to learn from the experiences of others more marginalized than I. However, I think that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, by her own reckoning, must also acknowledge that there are groups that are higher up the pyramid than her, and that she must also learn and grow. Her own recognition of this fact in the face of a highly hurtful tweet about the Jewish lobby AIPAC is truly an inspiration to us all. But first, a bit of backstory is in order.

It all started when Ilhan Omar sent out this tweet:

On its face, this would seem like a fair critique of special interest lobbying becoming problematic, to the point of outright corruption. Not so fast. We must show the utmost reverence and respect when we are referring to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Now, we know that Omar is 1) a woman, 2) an African-descendant Person of Color (POC), and 3) a Muslim. Let’s tally the score: +10 + 600 + 100 = 710. But let’s see what AIPAC’s oppression score is: (1500)*100,000 = 150,000,000. AIPAC’s score has been calculated by taking the Oppression Pyramid score of a single Jewish person and multiplying that by AIPAC’s estimated total membership as of this date. Clearly, the  Oppression Pyramid has disambiguated this seemingly complex situation for us. This is further substantiated by the outrage mob formed of politicians and pundits in the face of such unbridled anti-Semitism:

Not to be outdone by his fellow liberals, self-described Republican Senator Marco Rubio made sure to display an acceptable amount of outrage as well. 

I think it’s safe to say Omar is genuinely sorry for her unintentional bigotry, and is growing from the education her peers and mentors are providing her on the distinction between criticizing the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, and criticizing aggressive lobbying on behalf of foreign powers, when those foreign powers happen to be Jewish. This is an important lesson, but we must not forget that as progressives, it is our duty to campaign against the illegitimate state of Israel’s campaign of terror against the Palestinian people. As per the official ruling on oppression hierarchy intersectionality (Edition 5, 2019, revised), the impoverished Palestinians rank higher on the oppression pyramid than the Jewish people, as they are not only being deprived of their rightful homeland, but studies have shown conclusively that they garner more empathy from the average Democrat voter than Jews, especially Israelis, who fail to contribute to the advancement of oppressed peoples when compared to Jews in the United States and Europe. Seriously, guys, 2019 should be the year Israelis start giving back by joining Hollywood, Big Tech, western media, George Soros and the rest of the Chosen People in empowering the oppressed. 


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