The “esteemed” editors at Accredited Times have nominated themselves the de facto experts on the definition of accredited media outlets. All irony aside, they have published a list of what they believe determines the credibility of a media source:

Sings of an Accredited News Site:

  1. Makes assertions that are fact-checked by trusted and independent organizations such as Politifact
  2. Has journalists with exclusive access to White House press conferences
  3. Is invited to cover numerous high profile events such world summits, the Presidential debates and the NFL
  4. Has been operating for more than two decades
  5. Has a television channel or show on a major network
  6. Has a popular radio show available on the most widely accessible FM or AM frequencies
  7. Has professional presenters and journalists with qualifications from accredited Ivy League universities
  8. Has professional and highly maintained state of the art studios

The first item on the list makes sense, after all, no respectable news outlet should post an article without vetting its authenticity. The common sense and logic ends there, however, as the remainder of the list becomes downright laughable. I’ll grant that having White House correspondents adds credibility, but I couldn’t help an audible snicker at the idea of measuring accuracy by whether or not an outlet covers the NFL. It goes downhill from there, with the expectation that any news source not two decades old isn’t worth reading. I can only speculate that their creation of a website is due to repairs being made to the bridge they normally meet under. They seem to be suggesting that any source of news that doesn’t have millions of dollars in funding and twenty years of successful marketing can’t be trusted. Its almost as if the article is written directly from the desk of George Soros, as he dictates, “Don’t trust anyone that isn’t owned by me personally.”

For added clarity, to ensure that the reader knows the article is targeted at Conservative media, the author, posting under the pseudonym “Million Dollar Bonus,” displayed a banner depicting The BlazeBreitbart and InfoWars as a virtual mouthpiece of the White House Administration.

I’m beyond hesitant to give credence to InfoWars, I know this may offend some of my readers who favor Alex Jones, and I’m okay with that. Let’s be honest, not all of Alex’ claims are based on reputable sources, and his proclivity for discussing shape-shifting lizards makes painting him as an authoritative journalist a tough sale. Accredited Times added a handy list of ways to determine if a news source is fake news as well:

Signs of a Fake News Site:

  1. Promotes outlandish conspiracy theories such as the idea that 9/11 was an inside job
  2. Supports radical political candidates such as Donald Trump and Ron Paul
  3. Adheres to radical right wing schools of thought, such as the Austrian School of Economics and the Mises Institute
  4. Criticizes the Federal Reserve Bank and promotes the use of various forms of counterfeit currency such as cryptocurrencies, gold and silver
  5. Promotes radical interpretations of the United States Constitution such as the idea that the second amendment permits citizens to own fully automatic rifles and hand grenades
  6. Denies the science of Climate Change and gives credence to debunked alternative theories about the climate, such as those involving the sun
  7. Promotes home schooling and criticizes common core and other initiatives designed to improve our education system
  8. Engages in hate speech against victimized groups in society such as undocumented Americans, Black Lives Matter and Muslims

So, if I’m reading this correctly, anyone who questions the official 9/11 Report is fake news. Furthermore, anyone who supports “radicals,” such as President Donald Trump and former Senator Ron Paul is also fake news. I won’t even address the claim of Ron Paul being radical, as it isn’t worthy of validation. It gets even better, as the author labels rightwing schools of thought, critique of the Federal Reserve, the use of cryptocurrencies, support of the Second Amendment, denial of climate change, promotion of homeschooling and rebuke of illegal immigrants, Black Lives Matter and Muslim extremists all as indications of fake news.

Basically, don’t question official narratives and don’t disagree with Liberals or you’re fake news. For a moment I could’ve sworn I was reading a memo from the Party in Orwell’s 1984, not an article by a so-called accredited news agency. About that, Accredited Times is neither accredited, nor an actual news agency. A brief investigation revealed the site’s About page is non-existent, its administrator has opted for anonymous domain registration and is now accepting applications for users who wish to become “accredited writers.” We submitted an application, we’ll let you know when we receive our official accreditation. Given the abysmally low standards they’ve embraced, I daresay we’re over-qualified for the position. Perhaps the first sign of fake news should be when an article is published under a pseudonym.


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