Chris Cantwell, more commonly known as “the crying Nazi,” disavowed Ben Shapiro and Mike Cernovich as “radicals.” In an exclusive interview with The Sentinel, Cantwell stated, “these guys make Candace Owens look like a moderate Boomer.” 

He did not provide further details on how he had come to this conclusion, instead choosing to tangent by randomly plugging a crypto investing ‘opportunity’ that is arguably dubious at best. “I’m making big moves in the crypto community, I’ve invested all of my weekly allowance and FBI criminal informant funds into a North Korean Ethereum cloud mining pool. When I’m rolling in cash, I’m going to retire in Bali and devote my time to environmental causes.” He ended the interview with his signature closing, “As always, sub to Sargon.” 

Cantwell hosts “Radical Agenda,” a left-leaning Libertarian talkshow, and stars in the upcoming Netflix film “Rampage 3.”


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