Apple has a clearly stated ban against the inclusion of racist products on its AppStore or iTunes platforms, but the tech giant is surprisingly silent on the sale of millions of products emblazoned with a very well-known neo-Nazi symbol, according to a report out Friday from two watchdog groups. 

Which product are they talking about? Apple’s biggest seller: the iPhone. That’s right, millions of iPhone users are unwittingly holding a piece of digital hate in their hands. The symbol the watchdog groups are referring to is the iPhone’s charging icon, which just so happens to be a lightning bolt, shaped exactly like the SS bolts worn by the notorious Schutzstaffel, Hitler’s shocktroops during World War 2. 

Activists have formed a petition demanding Apple replace the hateful icon with something more inclusive, but Apple executives have declined to comment on the issue or acknowledge this blatant affront to minority groups who use their iPhones to post about racism on Tumblr all day. 


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