VICE writers admitted the Alt-Right makes the most dank memes on the innerwebs, and now they’re drowning in self-loathing over the realization that not only have they been sharing this dankery on social media, but they might accidentally be brainwashing themselves by spreading Alt-Reich propaganda. 

“I also immediately noticed something that I had long suspected: Many of the dankest memes are created by and shared among Nazis well before they make it to the rest of the internet.” 

Well, in fairness, everything has to start somewhere, and it’s getting pretty goddamn difficult for even the autistic shitlords inhabiting 4chan and Discord servers to instantaneously share memes to “the rest of the internet” like some sort of fucking digital Big Bang with the entire Big Tech cartel working overtime to censor us on every platform known to man. But with that said, let’s revel in the fact VICE is admitting the right makes the best, most dankety doodah memes around, and that they are coming to the land of exile so they can partake in sharing these memes. Shadilay, gents.

“Milner, Sauter, and Johnson all raised the very worrisome prospect of self-radicalization and amplification—that by repeatedly visiting Nazi mines, you “may get some of the gross on you and radicalize yourself,” or by sharing dank memes not readily available to casuals, it’s possible to set others on a path that leads to the alt-reich.”

No shit. It’s almost as if we craft these memetic weapons for more than just entertainment purposes…like actually educating the zombies VICE calls readers, should they accidentally get lost on their way to buy a pint of strawberry cheesecake wheatgrass ale pretending to be craft “beer” and wander into a city council meeting or a state legislature session and need to construct thoughts that are actually their own. 

The weapons of mass distraction known as mainstream media are literally shaking in their Uggs trying to figure out how to develop a vaccine against being right. But who will take home the gold in mental gymnastics trying to justify mining our dank memes, while getting in an acceptable amount of self-hatred for spreading our rightness?

About time we get some recognition around this bitch


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