As the title suggests, there will be no right-wing “reverse” march through the institutions. It simply will not happen. Here’s why.

Many politically-engaged right-wingers mistakenly think the Right is “apathetic,” when I’d say most of the problem is actually that political advocacy does not come as naturally for the right as for the left. The grassroots “true believers” on the left need it – without it they are low status, less successful, etc. The grassroots right doesn’t feel nearly as much immediate need to go out & participate in political advocacy, our instinct is to produce via our own merit, not go bother somebody else, & we don’t have the time. We’re busy raising kids and working.

Cat ladies and gays with no kids have much more free time, and a desperate need to advocate politically for gains in status. POC need the latter desperately too. Normal people (rightwingers) with families have no such burning needs, and have very little free time. Even when the Right feels desperation, as we do now, we still don’t have the time to do what the Left does politically. Thus the manpower available for right-wing activism is young men who, as they grow into adulthood, become busy men with grown-up jobs and families, and older retired folks. The former of the two lack the status, success, savvy and other qualities essential to spearhead political activism, and the latter lack the youthful energy and passion.

A leftist woman stares longingly at the last loaf of moldy bread through the smoggy haze of her Socialist utopia (Colorized, 2019)

For example, I’ve attended local gatherings in support of Trump, it’s all old retired people. Not a single young adult or family with kids, aside from a speaker or two.

There is a fundamental asymmetry between the right and left in the ability to “get their way” politically. The Left has a huge advantage here. And no amount of exhortation or preaching to rightwingers will change it.

That’s one reason why there’s going to be a civil war. Because the only other solution would be political advocacy, and a) the Right is not as good at it for unchangeable reasons, and b) immigration means it’s too late anyway.

And that’s one reason Propertarianism is so important and such a powerful solution for the Right. It solves this relative weakness the Right has compared to the Left. Testimonialism and natural law of reciprocity (the Non-Parasitism Principle) in law stop the Left from having the ability to even START political advocacy. Because once they start, they will win. So we cannot let them start. Propertarianism accomplishes that.


  1. There is no perfect system. They all degrade toward communism and totalitarian regimes. It’s the natural flow from nothing and an individual to a massive state and collectivism. The practical solution is to destroy the system and start afresh every few hundred years. We’re there now.


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