If you’ve followed the international news at all the last couple of months, you’ve heard about the Yellow Vests, a protest movement in France. What began as a popular protest against higher fuel taxes has morphed into a reform movement that has the potential to agitate into a revolution. It’s also sparked copycat movements around Europe and elsewhere that some writers have started calling “The European Spring,” an obvious reference to the Arab Spring, a series of revolts in primarily Arab nations that shook the Middle East in 2013.

All the way back on December 7th, 2018, which seems to be old news by now, something quite interesting happened. Someone posted a document to Open Democracy entitled Demands of France’s yellow vests. I’ll offer a summary of the demands. It’s the typical eat-the-rich drivel we’ve come to expect from progressive politicians during an election cycle. Its many demands include more progressive individual and corporate taxation, ending homelessness, controlled rents and subsidized housing, increasing the minimum wage and setting a maximum wage, ending austerity, nationalizing private industry, fixed (but continued) immigration, limiting class sizes in schools, etc. When compared to the origins of the movement, there is good reason to be suspicious of the document’s authenticity.

The yellow vests are reported in the media to be a leaderless movement. Now that’s obviously untrue on its face. Thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people don’t magically show up at protests. Someone is obviously organizing protests. That person is Eric Drouet, who has been arrested, and is facing charges of carrying a non-lethal weapon, and organizing a protest without declaring it. But he’s not the one who published the Yellow Vest demands.

The organization that published the Yellow Vest demands is called France Bleu, which is a division of France Public Radio. No author is attributed. Like the name implies, France Bleu and France Public Radio are owned by the French Government. So now, via its public radio conglomerate, the French government, the very body that is the object of 3 months’ violent protests, is speaking to itself on behalf of the yellow vests. Imagine the arrogance it requires to take such a step. The temerity of the Emmanuel Macron regime seems limitless.

The French media breathlessly reported on these so-called demands of the people without bothering to report what they already knew; it’s a forgery. It was written by one of their own in the employ of the very government the demands were aimed at. No wonder these demands sounded so much like the platform of a center-left European politician. It’s because they are, Macron’s demands to be precise.

The aim of such tactics is transparent enough. Not everyone is so dumb as to fall for this kind of propaganda. But with control of the media and a constant barrage of disinformation, enough people can be demoralized, misled, and exhausted into effectively attenuating the momentum of the revolt. The longer the government can keep the protests from exploding into revolution, the greater the odds that it never will. Momentum is everything in these situations, and this is how subversive entities conduct themselves. And it works.

What should a proper Yellow Vest manifesto look like? I am simply one American observer, so I have no way of knowing what the demands should be. It’s the same premise that represents the forgotten class of people in every western democracy. While our problems are not the same, the root cause of the malaise is ubiquitous in western society.

The root cause of the problem is traditional western men have become the mules of the western democracies. There are near endless statistics that irrefutably prove this. We work the most, and we pay the most taxes. We serve in the military the most. And it’s thankless.

You might wonder why this is, or you might believe that this is an anomaly of our generation that can be fixed with a few policy tweaks designed to end homelessness, lower classroom sizes and create a more progressive tax system, but you’d be wrong. You’d be tragically wrong. To understand why we have the situation we have today, we need to go back a little farther and stay in France. We need to go back to the French Revolution and understand its principles. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Liberty, equality, fraternity. They sound lovely, don’t they? It’s the national motto of France even today. What could possibly be wrong with such enlightened words? There is plenty wrong with them. Liberty has replaced duty. No one in western societies regards his duty before he regards his rights. If you asked the average citizen in a western democracy what his duties to the state and fellow citizen were, I doubt 1 in 10 could even give a coherent answer. Equality has not only replaced the leadership of eminent men with the tyranny of the third estate, it tears down fit leadership at every level of society, even to the point of inhibiting a man’s ability to lead in his own family. What’s wrong with fraternity? A fraternity of Frenchmen is great, but that’s not what France has. France has a fraternity of everyone, French or foreign, Christian, Muslim, Jew or atheist are all the same. And that’s not a fraternity at all. That’s just a platitude, as worthless as it is unachievable.

What we have today isn’t an anomaly at all, nor is it unexpected. What we have today is the predictable result of what began in 1789 in France. The principles of revolutionary democracy and the rule of the third estate that began in France, and by the end of WWI, had spread over the entire western world have had 100 years of unopposed ascendency. And we have liberty instead of duty. We have equality instead of hierarchy. And we have fraternity instead of kinship.

The Jacobin Reign of Terror

“Who are you, oh Frenchman, to oppose the massive flow of immigrants who aren’t French, contribute nothing, and came only for the social benefits? You’re no better than them. Everyone is equal. They just want to have a better life. You have to pay increased taxes in order to support them.”

“Who are you to oppose new taxes? The people have many rights and that must be paid for, and that money has to come from those who will work.”

“Who are you to expect your rights respected above those who are foreign? These people can become French simply by adopting our language and living in our land, and we respect their wishes, cultural practices and religion equally with our own.”

Ironically, these principles seemed workable in bygone years when France was French, the population was serious about its Catholicism, and people had big families. People had a sense of kinship. They had commonality. There were largely a single in-group. But those days are long gone. Today’s France is nothing like it was. It’s full of divorce and broken families. Its urban centers are no longer French. Depending on the city, it’s partially or majorly overrun with foreigners. People who aren’t French, and aren’t even European in culture. They aren’t Catholic, nor are they even Christian. And they don’t care about France, which is to say they don’t care about France beyond the benefits they can derive for themselves by living in France. They have no blood in the soil. Their ancestors aren’t French. Their ancestors never bled and died for France. In short, they collectively represent a parasite on France, and in particular the traditional Frenchman.

Compare this to the true Frenchman, who is largely the one out in the street wearing a yellow vest. He’s French. He’s Catholic. And he’s tired. He’s tired of paying taxes to a government that abuses his trust by using his money to fund the foreigners that are replacing him. In his heart he no longer trusts the government, nor the foreigners they are importing into France. He’s tired of being a mule for people who hate him and treat him with contempt. And now the true Frenchmen are out in the streets. What should they demand? If we took to the streets in America, what should we demand? If we were to, as the French government is so desperately trying to direct, a few incremental changes to policy, it would count for nothing. If we made the policies more conservative, it would still count for nothing. If the only changes that occur are related to policy, we will be right back where we are in a few short years, and it’s for a simple reason. The people voted for this.

Maybe they didn’t vote for every little detail. But they voted for every single government that did this to France. That did this to America. That did this to the rest of the nations that we call western civilization. And the tenants of liberty, equality, and fraternity are at the root of the problem.

France has it much worse than most people know, and authentic Frenchmen are waking up to the reality. As a nation, France has been around for over 1500 years, and it has had crisis before. At different times in its history, it’s been occupied by Englishmen or Germans. But this is different. It’s not simply a foreign occupation governing over them. This is replacement. This is an existential crisis in which foreigners mean not simply to rule them, but to replace them as a unique people, and colonize France for their own legacy. This hasn’t happened in France since the Umayyad Muslim invasion in 732 AD. And if this continues, in a short time there won’t be a France left for true Frenchmen. Considering the damage done, it might already be too late.

Umayyad Caliphate invades Gaul 732 AD

Demanding changes to policy will count for nothing in the long term. What’s needed in France, in America, and the rest of the countries of western civilization is not reform, but a fundamental change in who is enfranchised, and who is not. Without this, any attempt to fix the current malaise will fail. This is what we should fight for.

What does this kind of fundamental change look like? That depends on the country. I say this as a man who is neither French nor Catholic, it means ending the political enfranchisement of those who are not both ethnically French and Catholic. That may sound harsh to some, but consider reason for a moment. If France is not for those who are truly French, who is it for? A country that claims to be for anyone is in reality for no one. To be a nation for everyone is to be a cesspit, not uniquely French in any way, but accumulating those for whom their native places has no use. There would be no point in even calling it France.

Beginning in the 18th Century, the French people led the western world into liberal democracy.  It’s safe to say that liberal democracy once served its purpose, but is no longer workable in the face of the existential crisis it created. Reject the reforms offered by France Bleu.

The world needs real French leadership again. What’s needed now is a true revolution, in the original sense, which is a return back to the beginning. The Yellow Vests need to take back France for the French, and make it a French nation once again. Send the Saracens home. Unless the yellow vests do that, their protests will ultimately come to nothing.


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