Brenton Tarrant, the New Zealand shooter, accomplished all three of his goals: Acceleration of conflict, moving the Overton Window, and vengeance. (Please note, the purpose of this article is not to condone his actions, but to analyze how they have affected the political situation in Western Civilization.)

Tarrant directly stated in his manifesto that one of his goals was to accelerate a civil war scenario in the United States. He was able to do this because every major group embroiled in the current political conflict has predictable reactions to everything that happens, and all are stuck in a retaliation cycle with only one way out (physical separation). 

Just play out the game theory. It is easy to play the Left like a fiddle because they act completely on instinct and cannot help themselves. Everything the Left wants to do, they are already pushing for, hard. Gun grabs, demonizing and disempowering white people, demonizing Trump supporters – even mild civic nationalists like Charlie Kirk, who openly love non-white, legal immigrants and blacks, are labelled “Nazis” by the Left. Tarrant’s shooting just gives the Left more excuses and motivation to do everything they do – more, harder, faster. This in turn amps up the Right’s angst and anger, and wakes up more white people to the Left’s “revenge on white people” brand of communism. It is amazing to watch the dominoes fall just as Tarrant intended them to fall. Because no one can help themselves. Tarrant has effectively sped up the retaliation cycle, by purposefully pushing each group’s buttons.

It is also important to understand that nothing in the current political system can, or will, stop the Left once they start winning all the national elections in America (due to immigration and the fact that non-whites vote Left by a margin of 2-to-1), and no leadership in the current system shows any willingness or ability to stop the costs being imposed on the Right and on whites. Trump’s wall is nowhere to be found, and he continues to call for even more legal immigration – suicide for America and Western Civilization, were it not for the impending and inevitable civil war it will cause. The shooter’s logic was that there is no point in keeping things civil or taking the high road, because that just means whites and the Right losing everything they value. His anguished cry, “WHY ISN’T ANYBODY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?”, repeated multiple times in his manifesto, echoes through the hearts and minds of millions of right-leaning folks and white people who aren’t keen on handing over their nations to backwards Muslims and immigrants, who not only don’t assimilate, but demonize their benefactors.

Tarrant’s second goal was to move the Overton window. This goal is implied by his directly stated goal of accelerating civil war. Tarrant moved both the classically-defined Overton window (the boundaries of acceptable public discourse) – talk of civil war has accelerated, reminders of Muslim atrocities fill social media and comment sections – and the “hidden” Overton window (what people think but don’t say).

Tarrant succeeded in this objective by sending the message: “If our governments will not protect us from violent underclass invaders, we will do it ourselves,” while simultaneously making Muslims feel less welcome in the West. He sent this message with far more marketing expertise than any previous vengeance-motivated white mass-shooter (e.g. Dylan Roof, Anders Breivik), making his act a vortex of attention virtually impossible to memory-hole, despite the best efforts of the powers-that-be.

He live streamed his calculated act with a full musical soundtrack and video-game-like visuals, highlighting “Remove Kebab” written on his rifle, like something out of a revenge movie. His manifesto mentions Trump and Candace Owens, and during the video he mentions PewDiePie – this stroke of marketing genius and expert-level trolling ensures media attention, forces the world’s most popular YouTuber to mention his name (more attention and curiosity aroused), and increases the intensity of the hatred and blame the Left places on President Trump and his supporters. He attacked the least likeable, most violent group of immigrants (Muslims), and, as a result, a huge number of whites and right-wingers will find themselves agreeing with at least parts of his manifesto, and will not jump to the victims’ defense near as much as with Jews or blacks. (This is already obvious on right-wing comment sections & social media.)

Ebba Åkerlund, 11, was brutally murdered by an illegal Muslim migrant

He highlighted a little European girl brutally killed and dismembered by a Muslim terror attack as his inspiration and the trigger that moved him to action. This is a very sympathetic image to many people, and turns the Left’s “show a dead child to push your agenda” tactic back on them. He talks openly in his manifesto about civil war and his desire to trigger and accelerate it in America. The way he talks about it assumes – correctly – that a critical mass of right-wingers are not afraid of civil war, which implies that their enemies should be. And regardless of what one thinks of Tarrant’s act, it puts civil war into the conversation in a very powerful way – no one can spin this or handwave it away with a casual, “Oh, everything’s fine, conflict is not increasing, civil war isn’t possible.”

Tarrant’s third goal was vengeance against Muslims. Which he obviously accomplished.

He accomplished all three of his goals with expertise. This is the beginning of the higher-IQ white men acting with a new level of cleverness and savvy, and with the assumption that no one in the current system will ever act to protect their interests.

A government’s first job is to protect its citizens’ interests and prevent costs (not just financial costs – costs of any kind) from being imposed on them. When governments fail to perform this duty, retaliation cycles begin and come to fruition. This is why I am an advocate of Propertarianism – it is by far the best method I have ever come across for leaders to prevent retaliation cycles in society, by stopping them before they begin. For a basic introduction, you can watch my video titled “Parasite-Proof Government: Intro to Propertarianism” on YouTube.

In closing, nothing I say here (including the fact that he carried out his act intelligently, given his goals) implies that I condone Tarrant’s act. This is an analysis, and a prediction, not a recommendation. One of the points I try to make most often in this time of conflict, is that no amount of moralizing is going to change anything. The outcome is deterministic, because a high-intensity retaliation cycle is in play, and it is going to play itself out. The outcome will be physical separation in America. I advocate for peaceful separation, but it will almost surely happen the other way. Be prepared.


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