Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang has taken 4chan by storm. His supporters, both authentic and satirical, are calling themselves the “YangGang.” Yang’s campaign saw a surge of new supporters after an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience in February. Rogan’s DMT-fueled podcast has become a point of convergence between stoner culture and the Alt-Right. Yang’s Universal Basic Income proposal struck a deep chord with Rogan’s audience, and has proven genuinely popular with younger voters from both sides of the political spectrum, disenchanted with conventional politics and a lackluster economy. 

Yang’s interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson was articulate and warmly-received by rightwingers, who saw him as a refreshing break from the far-left radicalism prevalent in the rest of the Democrat Party. The progressive left has pushed the Overton Window so far, that what roughly amounts to an Asian Obama comes across as a centrist to conservatives. In reality, he only seems reasonable because we live in clown world. Nonetheless, Yang’s tweets about declining white birth rates have attracted the memelords on /pol, who feel Trump has sold out his base in favor of placating Israel. 

When White Nationalists offer to meme you into office

4chan has latched onto Yang’s vague defense of whites, and his platform of a UBI made Yang 2020 an easy sell when Trump seems to be gaining no traction towards making good on his campaign promises. That’s right, Yang is going to pay us all $1,000 a month to jerk off and become stay-at-home astronauts. As of this afternoon, there were over 30 Yang-related threads on 4chan’s /pol/ board.

Yang has tried to distance himself from white nationalism, stating “I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop. For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.” In other words, “I hate Nazis, and I’m going to give them $1,000 a month.” His virtue-signaling hasn’t phased the 4chan meme factory, however, as a steady stream of YangGang dankness has infected social media faster than an STD outbreak in West Africa. 


As entertaining as the memes are, Yang’s “human-centered capitalism” is just cyberpunk communism. Even if he enslaves legions of robots to automate the workforce, giving millions of Americans $1,000 a month would cripple the economy. Of course, for those who espouse collapsitarianism, even a vote for cancer is preferable to the current shitshow, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue with that mindset. Yang for chaos 2020. Embrace inevitability, plus $1,000 a month and a state-sponsored girlfriend. I won’t vote for a gun-grabbing Socialist, but if he wins, I’ll take the $1,000, for as many months as that lasts, which will probably be as many as the United States of America.

It’s 2019, Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar is the sole voice of reason against an AIPAC-controlled Congress, and the Alt-Right is backing an Asian Democrat for the presidency. Just how many dimensions of chess are we playing at this point?


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