The author’s identity has been withheld to protect them from doxxing and violence.

Hello, Alt-Right, I would like to start off by saying that, although I now disavow Antifa, I will always be against [true] Fascism, against racism, against violence and against hatred (including hatred of you).

In order to understand who and what Anti-Fascists are, I will start by telling you how I became involved with Antifa.

I was at the Charlottesville rally when Heather Heyer died. I was just there because I opposed the KKK and I heard a bunch of skinheads and neo-Nazis had been marching through UVA’s campus carrying torches and making anti-Semitic threats. It was when some Proud Boy asshole punched me that I noticed dozens of Antifa throwing bricks and bottles of piss at the Rightwing protesters (in hindsight, this was VERY wrong and I am NOT condoning it). I was young, dumb and angry. So I saw them standing up to these Alt-Right guys who the media said were literally Nazis and I was inspired. On the way to my car afterwards, a bunch of Anti-Fascists were walking up to everyone leaving the rally and handing out fliers about Antifa, encouraging us to join. I was drawn to Antifa because of what I experienced at Charlottesville and knowing that some neo-Nazi had killed an innocent woman. I felt empowered by a group that aimed to actively address the neo-nazi presence in our town and take them head on, so I exchanged numbers with one of their recruiters and effectively became an Anti-Fascist. 

There is no actual membership to Antifa, you don’t pay dues, you don’t fill out paperwork or anything like that. You just subscribe to the idea of being against Fascism, work together with your “comrades” and you’re in. I felt like I had a second family with my Antifa brothers and sisters. I felt great to be a part of the “resistance,” which appealed to my rebellious AnCap nature. But over time, I noticed something didn’t seem quite right about them.

My first negative experience with Antifa came when I made the statement that I believed in Austrian Economics. I was young, critical of corporations, but I still felt that free enterprise was superior to a socialist system. I described my political views as Anarcho-Capitalist. 

I was quickly and aggressively silenced for having those ideas by the self-styled ‘leaders’ of the organization. There were no official leaders of Antifa, but older and more experienced “veterans” would often assume that role. It was explained to me that Capitalism was a patriarchal system that required an infrastructure built on racism, sexism and class discrimination. They claimed capitalism (even in a Libertarian sense) was only possible because of imperialist white dominance over minorities and working class exploitation. They were convincing, articulated and intelligent, so I accepted what they told me was accurate and I dismissed my stance on free markets.

My second ideological altercation came when I denounced racism against whites as being the same as white on black racism. I voiced for true equality and the dismantling of all prejudice against any group.

I was addressed in an almost violent manner and told that the only reason I felt that way was because I was clinging on to a cultural bias that favored white superiority. My “white privilege was showing” and I was told that racism required a system of power and that because blacks were marginalized that it was impossible for them to exert any power over whites and, therefore, lacked the ability to be racist themselves.

Over the next few months I became more and more disillusioned with antifa because of the outright hypocrisy and unjustified violence.

They would beat up someone they thought was a nazi, then justify their mistake by saying “whatever, he was a white guy wearing a MAGA hat, he deserved it.” It got to the point where they could justify violence against anyone with these loose definitions of fascism.

“Kick his ass, he’s friends with someone who denied the holocaust. Oh, it’s cool that we kicked that guy’s ass because he said something sexist. Oh, that guy deserved us stomping him into the ground because he wore a ‘Skrewdriver’ shirt to a punk show. It’s cool that we doxxed this girl and got her fired from her job and her family is getting death threats because her boyfriend is on an alt-right discord chat.”

Most of the people I hung out with were decent folks. They were Anarcho-Capitalists, Anarcho-Communists and left-Libertarians who got sucked into a militant Communist cult through a combination of fear, guilt and brainwashing. They were the same kids who wanted Ron Paul to win the presidency in 2012. Now they’re quoting Marx and beating up “the bourgeoisie.” The ones with common sense eventually stopped showing up to meetings and moved on with their lives. The rest ended up in jail or perpetually couch-surfing because “jobs are for wage slaves” — which really meant “I can’t pass a piss test.”

I’ve moved on and I’m much happier now. I’m clean and sober, I have a good job and I’m. Not constantly filled with rage and hatred anymore. I still stay active in politics, but I’ve returned to my Libertarian roots and the only fights I get into are ideological ones in the form of peaceful debates. If any of you reading this are Antifa, I don’t hate you, I just want you to think for yourself and avoid being manipulated like I was. Don’t become a Nazi in order to fight Nazis. 


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