Since President Trump’s election, a growing number of Conservative women have taken to social media to become e-celebrities, or as I call them, “conservathots.”

As many of you know, Julie Borowski was sort of a pioneer in this field. The magic formula she cooked up is pretty simple and easily replicated. Here, let me lay out the steps for you.

  1. Be a 7/10 or higher
  2. Invest in a camera
  3. Go to liberal rallies, trigger said liberals
  4. Post the ensuing chaos online
  5. Watch the views and adoration pour in
  6. Profit

Thot-Provoking Content

Unlike her copycats, Julie at least attempted to make the content she was producing worth the attention it was receiving. She was original, she was funny, and there was more than an ounce of original thought and originality to her videos. Those that followed her lead decided that was too much work and opted for sex appeal instead. What couldn’t be denied was the disproportionate number of views and followers they had compared to their male counterparts. A cute girl, saying fairly obvious shit, would garner 500% more followers than men producing more insightful and original “big brain” content. Not only would she get 500% more followers, nearly all of those followers would be sexually-deprived, beta conservative cucks who would sing their praises, telling them daily how beautiful AND intelligent they were, not to mention…becoming their Patreon sugar daddies. The best you can say about many of these women is that they are looking to make money off of men who have zero sexual market value.

They are aided by white knights such as Liberty Hangout editor T. J. Roberts and Nick J. Fuentes’ eternal second banana, James Allsup. Not because these betaboys genuinely believe in the vapidity flowing forth from these women, but because they see them as cash cows. After all, nobody would be wasting money on “taxation is theft” swag if it wasn’t for Kait Bennet shilling her boyfriend’s merch in between photo shoots.

Now we have “Based Milf” Mercedes Carrera, a pornstar who became a rising star in conservative politics after her involvement in #GamerGate, only to end up being arrested for child molestation and becoming “Based Pedophile.” C’mon, guys, she’s just a right-wing Stormy Daniels whoring herself out for clicks and instafame.

I’m not here to be a Derek downer doomsdayer and punch right against everyone I disagree with, so let’s talk about a few women who have had a positive impact.

Lauren Southern: Although we don’t see eye to eye on many issues, Lauren Southern has exhaustively covered the white genocide in South Africa, exposed the shoddy investigation of the Las Vegas shooting and is continuously producing quality journalism.

Avialae Horton: This talented young woman has a gift for articulately analyzing present-day politics through the lens of Greco-Roman antiquity with an eloquence that cannot be rivaled. And she devotes a considerable amount of time and effort to organizing events and supporting those around her, instead of riding their coattails.

Unlike Faux News and other so-called “conservative” outlets, The Sentinel is proud to be one of the few dissident outposts that is unabashedly anti-thot and pro-patriarchy. Unlike the conservathots and their paypigs, when we say we’re about traditional masculinity and nationalism, we mean it.

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