I am not really interested in debating the merits of Donald Trump. I am, however, curious about how popular he actually is. Is he likely to be President for eight years, or only four? If we held an election today, how hard would he have to work to keep his office?

Reminder: the greatest majority of all the registered voters this past election picked “fuck you, I’m not voting.” Unfortunately, there was no candidate by that name in the running.

If the right is to defeat Marxism in 2020, they must build a cohesive platform that everyone right of Stalin can get behind. Many Libertarians have left the Lolbert Party since the embarrassment that was Gary Johnson, but NeoCon groupthink isn’t likely to convince them to vote Republican either. 

One of the decisive factors in Trump’s success was the division created by Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie. However, the entire left is likely to unite against him next year, as they are more concerned with hating Trump than producing an actual platform that consists of something besides promising free shit for everyone. Such is their hatred that they’d vote for Hitler if he had a D after his name. 

Meanwhile, the right remains fractured, constantly plagued by in-fighting, betrayal and purity-spiraling. There are more Rightwing factions at this point than I can keep track of, and they seem to spend as much time attacking each other as the enemy. They have grown so accustomed to trolling the left, that they can’t seem to turn the switch off when engaging those on the right with whom they disagree. Instead of logic, they utilize their very own brand of sophistry in the form of labeling their fellow rightwingers “cucks” and “Zionists.” In a sense, these terms are to the right what “Nazi” and “Fascist” are to the left. By all means, call a Boomer Conservative whatever you damn well please if they attack you, but don’t use this tactic to smear someone you’re losing an argument against, that’s the kind of weak shit I’d expect from Antifa, not the right.

The right needs to win the Culture War first, and settle their differences after. And by win, I don’t mean conserving what little remains of the West. I mean reversing over a century of wrongdoing. I mean taking ground instead of merely holding it. It is all too easy for the intellectually lazy to attack everyone and everything, while standing for nothing. Offering a critique is not the same as offering a solution. Bring solutions to the table, and create ideas worth fighting for, instead of merely against. 


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