Several readers have emailed us with questions regarding the goals and nature of the site. So, we figured it was time to publish a Declaration of Intent in the form of a Q&A.

“Is The Sentinel a news site or a political blog? You don’t seem to cover the news so much as publish perpsectives.”

The Sentinel has never been a traditional news site. It’s more of an online magazine, with a focus on cultural and political issues. We try to touch on notable current events, but I think it’s more important to publish timeless pieces, that will still be relevant years from now. We do try to cover some news topics that aren’t really getting attention from other outlets, or find a new angle that hasn’t been touched on already, but the intent was never to have that “newsy” style, where every little political drama has to be picked apart for shock value.

Besides, it’s a pain in the ass to stay on top of the news cycle, and it just doesn’t scale very well. Your overhead becomes higher than an AnCap on 4/20, so you end up cutting corners in order to maximize your dwindling revenue. You have to employ full-time writers devoted to news, politics, technology, culture, etc., and you have to jump on breaking news stories as they happen to “chase the clicks.” Where do you sacrifice first? It’s simple economics, you can either cut your writers’ pay or lower the standard of their writing. It becomes quantity over quality, putting out as much content as you can as fast as you can to get eyeballs in front of Viagra ads. That’s a race to the bottom I’d prefer not to participate in.

If you look at sites like The Gateway Pundit, they’re pumping out articles all day long, but the content has no depth or personality. And True Pundit doesn’t even bother to write their own articles, they just scrape them from other sites. Where do journalists get most of their stories from? Other news sites. It’s just the same stories being read and reworked just enough to avoid plagiarism and then shared on social media. The curation is rushed, and more time is spent on creating a title and an image that grabs attention than writing something worth reading in the first place. 

That’s why you see so many major news sites producing articles with blatantly obvious typos and grammar issues. These pundit sites are popping up everywhere, peddling yellow journalism in all caps. Sure, Boomers eat it up, because it’s aimed at them. That’s why they have so many recycled headlines that basically all say the same thing: “Look at how Trump is owning the libturds this time!” It’s a shit way to run a business, if you ask me. And younger rightwingers aren’t buying it, they’re savvy when it comes to knowing they’re being sold on something, and they prefer more of a VICE-style approach to reporting on current events. You have to decide if your goal is to produce quality content that people genuinely enjoy, or to make as much money off ad revenue as you can, because there really is no in between. 

I bet you guys get a LOT of hatemail

You have no idea. It’s not exactly the popular approach to be the honest assholes of the right. The diehard Trump supporters who believe the QAnon LARP don’t think we should ever question anything the man does — after all, he’s just playing 8D transdimensional backgammon. Well, Donald Trump is not a god, he’s a fallible human being, just like you and I. We support President Trump when he does good things, and objectively criticize him when he does not-so-good things…like banning bump stocks and giving in to Democrats on important issues. But we try to do so in good faith, and not jump the gun 24/7 like Shapiro and Cernovich.

Most Evangelinos (Evangelicals) don’t appreciate understand our dry satire, and they’re even less fond of our views on meritocracy and Israel. Apparently, telling the truth is anti-Semitic, just ask Rand Paul and Ilhan Omar. It’s been brought to our attention by several more bland news outlets that The Sentinel is “provocative” and “risky.” You’re goddamned right it is. The Sentinel has always been a publication that took risks. It has bad manners and worse language. We’ve taunted and titillated other journalists with the message that we will do what they won’t, and we won’t back down. We are in the business of publishing truth, and truth is best spoken in bold words. 

We may offend you, and that’s okay.

“Where do you see the right ten years from now? Will the GOP be dead?”

As for the Boomers, they have 5, maybe 10 years left as a politically-active generation. And millennials, well, some of us are getting old. We’re raising families, buying houses, getting raped by taxes. Having skin in the game so to speak has a habit of pushing people to the right side of the spectrum, be it Libertarian or Conservative. 

Of course, the GOP hasn’t learned this yet, and they’re still cashing in on the Boomers for every last dollar they can squeeze out of their pensions and social security checks. But I think we’re going to start seeing more common-sensed right-leaning Libertarians and liberty-leaning Conservatives emerge and meet in the middle. Hopefully they can reengineer the Republican Party from the ground up into something that isn’t the punchline to a bad joke. As for it being dead, I think it could certainly be said that its spirit — if it ever had one — is long deceased. The vast majority of today’s conservatives are basically the liberals of a few decades ago, they’ve caved on so many issues that they’re dying a slow death of capitulation.


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  2. Ooohh, color-blind libertarianism, how edgy! It’s not like libertarianism is the philosophy that destroyed Western Civilization by leveling the world before market forces and turning us into deracinated consumers. Nah! A brown guy in a suit with arms crossed as if he were an athlete – THAT’S the edge we needed to topple the racial, ethnic, cultural and physical genocide of the white race! Oh yeah! You’re all garbage, and so is anyone who reads this site. You’ll be the first people I gas when the NatSocs purge the right. FUCKKKK YOUUUU!!!!!

    • If anything you’re the one who should be gassed, for infecting the world with your stupidity. A brown guy 😂 The dude is tan. Maybe if you left your mom’s basement occasionally you would be too.

  3. Highly intelligent and organized Zionists bringing fractional reserve banking, identity politics and postmodernism/cultural Marxism subverted our society, not Libertarians. Only a fool would think we could salvage what’s left of this country without an effort to unite the right. Despite the size difference, the left are apparently more effective agents. Zionists/progressives out-organize us, and more importantly they *band together*, circling the wagons to defend each other during attacks. They don’t apologize, they don’t walk back. If we remain a dozen splintered groups, we lose. If we keep eating our own and others who share common fundamentals, we lose. If we keep bending over to PC standards, we lose. That simple.


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