No doubt, by now you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding Peter Fonda. It would seem that as conservatives are silenced daily, liberals are free to make threats against elected officials, and even their children. Well, it seemed that way. It appears that President Trump and his family have had enough.

Peter Fonda, the insignificant, washed up, has-been, brother of Hanoi Jane is in hot water. And “hot water” is the understatement of the century. The National Border Patrol Council has labeled him a domestic terrorist. Yes, really, this has been confirmed by a few sources. It would seem that when celebrities are not busy patting each other on the back, they’re thinking of ways to ruin their own careers. I can’t really say Mr. Fonda has ever had much of a career. I saw him in Easy Rider back in the day, and recently in some B grade gangster movie.

Truthfully, I didn’t even know the guy was still alive. It’s no secret, I’ve been on the receiving end of leftist hatred, hollow threats, etc. It gets old. What gets even older, are the vile remarks and threats aimed at a lawfully-elected President, who is trying desperately to clean up Mr. Obama’s mess. And why was there no outcry when Obama erected these “fusion centers” and literally put kids in cages? Well, why would there be? There was no outcry when he murdered Palestinian kids with drones.

Silly me, the rule of law is for the peasents. This is Hollywood 2018. A caricature of a once great metropolis of creativity, and free thought. Now the capital of intolerance, delusional marionettes, and crimes against children. I used to love Hollywood. I loved Hollywood, because I love film. I can’t touch anything spewing forth from that sewer anymore. Nor will I ever again.

I’ll no doubt be banned from Twitter at some point soon. I’ve spent most of my morning running my mouth to Mr. Fonda, and we can’t have that, now can we? I’ve stated opinion, all he did was threaten a child. See how that works? Unfortunately, banning myself and others won’t do Mr. Fonda much good. Life as he knew it is now over. As a domestic terrorist, you are now considered lower than a felon. He has lost most of his rights as an American. Oh, and have fun trying to leave the country, old man. You’re in for a most rude awakening.

I don’t know much about the First Lady. I do know that she’s a mother, and you don’t threaten a woman’s children. You just happened to screw with one of the most powerfull women in the world. Enjoy the ride, Mr. Has-Been. I hope it was a life of luxury and comfort. Rest assured, all eyes are on you. If I were you, I would sit back and do some reflecting on the past decades of prosperity. Life as you knew it has changed forever. As a domestic terrorist you will never again know peace. And you, sir, are a terrorist. You are vile scum. Your sister is scum. And the Universe has finally tossed a bit of long overdue karma at the mentally ill circus you call Hollywood.

Really, Hollywood, keep it up. I’m looking forward to writing articles about Federal Task Forces making dynamic entries into your homes, and treating you as the domestic enemies that you truly are. 

That’s change that I can believe in.


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